Heroes come in different shapes and forms. When my daughter first assigned me as her personal superhero, I was very flattered. Since the year 2018 is almost over, it’s time for those top lists of the year. This one is a different list. It isn’t a list, it’s a way to help you decide who is your hero this year.

Spiderman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl

We all know the superheroes like Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman and Supergirl. When I was young, there weren’t that many options to choose from. It seems that these days, new superheroes are invented on an almost daily basis. I will focus on those heroes who are different. These are the heroes of everyday life. In the real world. That is actually a challenge! A big challenge!

There are many people who “made” 2018. Politicians, rescue workers, inventors, scientists, medics. It’s impossible to choose from this wide diversity of people. Just like it’s impossible to select an athlete from different sports. You simply cannot compare a soccer player with a tennis player. These people excel in different manors. In different ways.

When I decide to keep it close to home, it’s almost impossible. Was it the one who helped me in the last year? A friend, a neighbour? Was it the friend who asked how I was really doing? Was it my partner? Yes, she did magnificent things in 2018.

Just alone?

What if you are just alone? What if you alone had to decide about things that concerned your children? Were you the real hero? To raise children alone isn’t impossible. It is, however, sometimes difficult. There are many challenges that come on your path. How did your children behave during all of this? A question that is also worth answering if you aren’t raising your children by yourself.

Finally, I get the chance to focus on something important. Why is the superhero always the adult? Children are capable to do great things. No, this isn’t haughtiness or claiming your children are better. This is simply acknowledging the fact that these children are important.

Yes, there are those moments when you want to be angry. When you need to be angry. At certain moments they aren’t angels. Even when they’re sleeping. Even when they’re just four years old. Or sixteen years old…

Trust me: you aren’t a bad parent when you sigh about how your children are behaving. You aren’t tired of these children. Just their behaviour.

Never angels

Children are never angels. Not even when they’re sleeping. On many occasions, I got the chance to write about some nightly adventures of my children. Sometimes they can’t help it. Sometimes they can (five glasses before bed: not wise idea folks). Still, they are children. And yet, these children are capable of doing great things.

When you need to decide what was important in 2018, step away from the things we consider as the material stuff. Yes, great! A new car. Yes, perfect! A new house. Look beyond, but not too far away. See the children that surround you. They are capable of greatness. Accomplishing great things that are. Sometimes they are capable of doing things that adults couldn’t. Just because these adults are scared or biased. Blurry could also be a good explanation. Or tunnel vision.

Well, my hero of 2018? This hero or heroine does not exist. Yes, there are many adults who I cherish. Especially my better half. But, the true heroes for me are those two children are “mine.” Over the last year, they showed flexibility, talent and courage. They also kept on going, no matter how hard or difficult it was at times.

Oh yes, I chose by looking at the way we do things at home. Because it gives me that warm feeling. That feeling of coming home.


There are many heroes and heroines. Different sizes and shapes. Little and small. It’s not always about the physical strength. You can move mountains by just thinking about how you want to move them or where. And flying? You can’t physically. But in your mind, you can! Everything’s possible!

Image: Pexels.

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