Ok, this first real blog isn’t about my dreams when I grow up. I am already a grownup. No, this blog is about the dreams of my two children.


When I asked my son the other day how he sees his future, he responded with an explanation on how he wished he could save trees. He concluded this explanation with the conclusion that he needs to get politically involved. A strong message. Not that I take it very seriously. He is only nine years old. His future can be very different. The answer may even be different on another day.

As for my seven years old daughter, she changed her plans for the future. I assumed that her last career choice was still valid. She told me earlier she wanted to come a kindergarten teacher. When I asked her last week, she told me that she wanted to become a hairdresser.

To have the possibility to do what you want. That’s what counts. It is a great privilege that my children live in a country, where they can make this decision in freedom. As for me, I have no bets placed on their possible career. What it all comes down to is very simple: they should be happy to do whatever they want to do. As long as it’s honest, as long as they are honest.
I am not the type of father who pushes his children into something they don’t want to do. Sure, there are moments when I tell them what to do. Not when it comes to their education or career. Of course, they can always ask me for advice if they doubt their choice. When they choose an education or a career that is not probably going to lead anywhere, I will tell them.
When they grow up, whenever that really may be, I hope they will be happy to know that I always supported their choices and they had the possibility to ask my advice.

Future blogs

In some future blogs, I will explain more about my children and My Scientist – who I am married to. I will also show that role patterns aren’t something that is or should be permanent. These can change, really! That is why My Scientist works full-time and I take care of the children (when I am not writing or photographing). Interested to read more about what else I do, click here.

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