It seems that is was not so long ago that I announced the last photo in the series Working from home. Together with the series Life in Quarantine, it showed what we did during the first lockdown (light). The situation has changed and the new lockdown of December 2020 is more strict. So it was a good time to pick things up where we stopped. Yes, we started again!

New photo series

A new photo series that captures our lives during this lockdown. Yes, the situation is very different now. The lockdown is more strict than before. The situation is concerning. There are hopeful messages about vaccines. Still, it will probably take a while before vaccination will start here in The Netherlands for everyone.


Lockdown 2.0

In December the Dutch government issued a lockdown. All non-essential shops had to close, as well as amusement parks, museums and pretty much everything. This had a great impact on our lives. Also because the schools closed down.

According to the government, these measures will stay in effect until mid-January 2021. So, this was a good moment to restart the project. Different name, same photo series: Lockdown 2.0.

The series is intended to shed some light on the already dark days. Our life in lockdown, with a wink.

Do you have any suggestions for what you want to see? Then contact me!

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