We men, we screwed up - sorry for that!

We men, we screwed up – sorry for that!

Not every historical event can be considered as good ambassadorship for men. Throughout the centuries, “we” men screwed up and the bad news: we got away with this.

If you are religious and you believe in the fall of Adam and Eve, you might start blaming women for being the first ones to have committed a sin. Well, what about that snake? Keep that in mind.

Ancient Rome

Of course, there’s always the option to debate this story. So, let’s move on to stories that do have a scientific ground to go on. Take for instance the rulers of Ancient Rome. These were all men. Well, it all depends if you want to include Cleopatra in all of this. Let’s not do that, since she was an Egyptian queen.

Emperor Nero

Emperor Nero.
Image source: Wikimedia Commons.


Emperor Nero, who doesn’t remember this fine chap? He used to go by the name of Lucius Domitius Ahenobarbus. With the help of his mother, he took the throne. Five years after he seized power, his way of thanking his mother for this: having her killed.

Nero is known for his, well let’s put it mildly, flamboyant lifestyle. He wasn’t the only ruler in history that was clearly obsessed with power and fame. The list of absolute rulers is long, very long. Even in these modern times, there are still those men who have established absolute power. The rule with a strict hand. In most cases, women in these countries don’t have much to say about what’s happening. They seem to get away with this.

De Volkskrant

The problem is that men all over the world seem to have claimed positions that allow them to do whatever they want. In the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, I read an alarming article. Unfortunately for you, this article is written in Dutch. I did my best to translate the article using Google Translate. Because of the new EU laws on privacy, the message box won’t really move. The article can be found here (Dutch) or you can give it a try using Google Translate.
What it all comes down to the operating rooms in hospitals can be compared with a monkey rock. Several male doctors are fighting over who holds the most power. Sometimes this leads to grave danger for patients.

Not limited to The Netherlands

The situation in these operating rooms is not limited to The Netherlands, I think. All over the world doctors want to show who has the most power. Fortunately, not all doctors do. There are some men who must show their “powers.” This has been so throughout history; if there is no stop to this, it will continue for centuries.

Wars, conflicts, have been caused by men. Well, not all of them. I know. I mustn’t generalize. When you take a close look at the basis of the major conflicts, like World War I and II, those who were responsible were all men.

Image source top of this page: Unsplash.

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