The summer break of the taxi service

The summer vacation brings a temporary end to the “taxi service.” Sometimes, it’s like I am a taxi driver for my two children. I look forward to the Summer months. Six weeks when I don’t need to drive from and to the schools of my children.

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Of course, it’s not all that bad. There are many days when I drive to and from school with a happy feeling. Sometimes I drive by car, sometimes I use my cargo bike. When I pick them up from their schools, I learn what their days were like. This comes to an end during the Summer vacation.
Why does it feel like a “taxi service” That’s simple: because my children visit a different school: my daughter to the Waldorf School in Leiden and my son to a school for special needs children. Because of the circumstances, we were forced to seek another school for our son. He used to go to the same school as his sister. There is the intention that he can return, but it won’t be after this Summer vacation. He has come a long way. First, it was weekly therapy, then bi-weekly therapy. Last week, it was his last session. After the summer vacation, we will start a new form of therapy. When it’s not possible to transfer back to the elementary school, he knows that the secondary school will be an option. This school will probably be a Waldorf based secondary school.
I can almost dream the routes to the different schools. On the almost daily basis, these are the routes I take. That is why I must adjust, during the first days of vacation. We don’t need to be at school at a certain moment. That is somewhat strange, but it’s something I get used to. I will move into a vacation modus. That seems strange since I am the one who stays home and combines this with my own business (self-employed). No, this isn’t a complaint. I am privileged that I am able to do this. For any other working parent, it’s quite the puzzle. In most of the cases, their children attend the same school.
For a while, we tried to combine two different schools and the same schedule with school care. Unfortunately, it was only fifteen minutes that needed coverage. It wasn’t possible to take fifteen minutes of the time of the company who offers the school care. Instead, you need to pay for a certain amount of hours. That isn’t flexible at all. That’s why we discussed all of this with the two school directors and came up with a nifty schedule: on Tuesday I will pick up my daughter fifteen minutes before class is out, on Thursday my son. I am not sure what to do next year when my daughter has an extra day when she is finished at the same moment my son is. But that’s something to worry about after the vacation.
My son will stay in the same class, with his teacher. My daughter will start the second class. Sometimes it’s difficult to see that there isn’t any Waldorf orientated school for special needs children. My son misses his old school. The school he visits now is what I call “Digital”, while the Waldorf school that my daughter visits aren’t.
Only a few more days, then vacation! My children already made plans for the vacation with friends. We will also visit the same campground we visited last year. Probably for the last time, since My Scientist and me, want to go to France to Switzerland next year. But that’s another puzzle for next year. The same puzzle as to convince my son that we as parents want to buy a new car: a Citroen 2CV. That’s a completely different story. Probably something for the next blog.

Citroen 2CV

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So, what are your plans for the Summer vacation?

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