Almost a year ago the global crisis as we got to know as the corona crisis or the COVID-19 crisis started. There is no reason for a celebration because many countries are still fighting this virus. Severe measures were taken to stop this virus. These measures can bring out the worst in people and countries. It seems that only the strongest ones will survive.


I live in The Netherlands. A small country near the Northsea that is located on the European continent. When it comes to facts and figures, this content takes the lead. More than 29.5 million people have been infected with the virus and more than 680,000 people died. These figures are slightly higher than those of the United States (± 29 million people infected, 625,000 people died). It’s shocking to see that one country alone comes close to a whole continent.

If you were to ‘translate’ these 680,000 people who died in Europe to the major cities of the country I live in it would be in between the population of the cities Amsterdam (862,965) and Rotterdam (58,750). Nothing compared to the village I live in with ‘just’ 8,450 people.

Well, these are cold figures. These are nothing but figures. Remember that each figure has its own story. Its own sad story about losing a loved one. Young and old people have died because of this disease. Something that would be unthinkable at the beginning of 2020. In January 2020 this all was something that was going on in China (Wuhan). Two months later, it turned out to be a global pandemic.

The Spanish Flue and the Second World War

It’s impossible to compare this crisis with other events that took part in history. Even the Spanish Flue of 1918 and 1919. Even the Second World War. That last war seems important right now. Many people want to compare this crisis with one of the darkest periods in history. From 1939 to 1945, people were fighting real enemies. Now we are fighting a disease. Yes, that was done before (1918 and 1919), but times were different then. Healthcare wasn’t as advanced as it was nowadays. Well, healthcare in rich countries that is.

This crisis shows that we are sometimes not able to control everything. Even scientists can’t. Scientists are having a hard time because some criticize science. They claim that scientists are lying and this pandemic isn’t as bad as we think. YouTube and social media are filled with so-called evidence claiming it’s all a lie. There is no logical reason to conclude that all scientists are doing things that resemble the work of Frankenstein or any other mad scientist we can read about in books, see in films or series. Yet, some claim they are.

Evidence is essential

Evidence is essential when it comes to science. Sometimes this scientific evidence is part of years and years of research. Sometimes it’s not. Remember that scientific research related to COVID-19 is funded with great amounts of money. All because this pandemic has to be stopped. Yes, many diseases have to be stopped as well. Cancer, HIV… the list is long.

In the end, it comes down to trust. Why not trust scientific research? Is the YouTube clip you’re watching more evidence than serious scientific research?

Sometimes the truth can be confronting. Shocking perhaps. So is this disease. People are dying. It also leads to isolation. It leads to catastrophic changes when it comes to the economy of countries. This is also part of the crisis. A crisis that seems to thrive only those who are strong. Or those who have money.


Those who have enough money can buy vaccines. Some countries, including Canada, have even purchased so many vaccines that each resident could receive a vaccination four times. There are those countries that cannot give their compatriots anything at all.

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing that this crisis would lead to big changes? Changes in the way health and wealth are spread across the globe. Or the way minority groups get opportunities? Perhaps even opportunities in the field of equal treatment of women and men.

Working from home

Maybe you are currently working from home and have previously experienced that your employer said that it wasn’t possible. This crisis suddenly makes it possible. Whether you should be happy with working from home and even homeschooling is something else entirely.

Changes, that’s what it’s all about. Some changes during this crisis are good and some aren’t. Let me be clear: I do not like this crisis. I am far from positive about this crisis. It’s a big problem for the entire world. The entire world. That should be important: the whole world. So it’s not just the very richest on this planet.

The strongest ones will survive

Who are the strongest ones? Those who are in good health? Or the entrepreneurs with a healthy business or the governments with the best plan? Maybe all of them.

In the end, those that are the strongest remain. The strongest health, the strongest companies and the strongest governments. Looking at the science, you might explain the same thing.

Unless we choose to show our social face. Not to say it’s a matter of “bad luck.” I think you can describe that as showing your humanity.

It’s not a matter of “bad luck.” It shouldn’t be. Whether it’s the place on the ICU beds or the vaccinations. Not even when it comes to aiding to those affected. It’s not always a race or a fight. If it’s a battle, it’s something we have to do together.

Simply declaring “unlucky” or “we couldn’t have done anything else,” those are the words that need to be scrutinized. Not science should be questioned. No, we need to be critical of the way we deal with certain things that keep us going.

Instead of believing in conspiracies, you might also put the effort into looking at possibilities. That’s easy to say by someone from a rich country. Especially when you consider this person to be a stay-at-home dad. What does he know about it now?

It’s true. I don’t know anything. I know enough about emotions, injustice and dishonesty. More than enough. By that, I am not referring to my business activities. No, I also look at others who are hit hard. But I also look beyond just an economy. Who’s left to keep the economy going?

It would therefore be better to determine how we ensure that it’s all about justice and equality for everyone. When all of this is behind is, whenever that may be, we can be honest about one thing. That is about the efforts we did to make sure that it wasn’t a matter of survival of the fittest, the healthiest or the best ones. That doesn’t include the possibility that Canada offers to vaccinate its population four times. It also doesn’t include senseless shouting, false claims and rioting.

Anyway, what do I know about it now? I’m just a writing stay-at-home-dad. That’s why I’m going to vacuum again.

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