The Diligent Father

The Diligent Father

News from De Goede Huisvader. Well, news from the international version of this website. Things are changed as of today!

I thought long and hard about the English section of De Goede Huisvader. The name was mostly something I thought about. Unfortunately, changing the name would mean that this brand would not be visible anymore. I was interviewed for various Dutch media companies over the last few years, based on the name De Goede Huisvader.

And now, I came up with a solution: the introduction of a new platform. The Diligent Father shows my English blogs. It can also showcase your blogs! This is a platform, not just a blog. A platform is not limited to just one writer.

De Goede Huisvader is not clear enough for anyone. Especially when you don’t speak Dutch. Every time I have to translate what it stands for. And every time, I do this alone. Therefore, I have decided to create a new platform: The Diligent Father. It’s not just a platform for me. Guest blogging is possible!

All the links to the English articles on the website of De Goede Huisvader are changed (except for this one).




Harm Jagerman

Proud owner of a website about his life as a photographer and writer. Let's not forget a father who stays home to take care of the children and the household. Father of two wonderful children. Also writes about cars and especially Volvo.

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