Face it, the vegan burgers can’t be ignored. Ever self-respecting organization and even supermarket offer these burgers. This week, the Beyond Burger was sold for the first time in The Netherlands. I tasted the Beyond Burger. Time for a review of this burger, that generated a lot of media attention so far.

A Dutch news company described this burger as “the most hyped burger ever.” Using the word hype is always tricky. Veganism and vegetarianism aren’t hypes. It’s not a hipster thing, in case you thought otherwise.
When I was 17 years old, I ate my last hamburger. Starting from my 18th birthday, I decided to skip the meat. Nowadays I live in a house where not everyone stopped eating meat. This is based on own choices. Even my children can make their own choices.

I don’t want to be the person “evangelizing.” This blog isn’t about saying no to meat. Well, eventually it will become one, but not in a way you would expect.

In The Netherlands, you can buy this Beyond Burger at the supermarkets of Albert Heijn. If you live in Belgium, you can also buy them at Delhaize. It’s been sold in The Netherlands for € 5,99. I will discuss this price later on.

Currently, no other supermarkets sell these burgers. I think this isn’t a good thing. It seems like a good marketing campaign, especially for supermarkets. But when you want to sell more products, these should be available at more locations.

I was planning on eating them yesterday. I forgot about these burgers. My better-half reminded me about them today. It all started by reading the instructions. These instructions included the advice to consider them as well baked when the temperature is 74◦C. That would be a problem. How could I measure the temperature? I decided to follow my instinct and my eyes. I used sunflower oil to bake the two burgers. This is the oil that doesn’t contain extra flavors.

After ten minutes or so, I decided they were done. I kept turning them over and over, to prevent them from burning.

I am the only one in this household who gave up meat. The others, my better half, my son and my daughter, should know what a hamburger tastes like. They all showed interest. Great, I had to share 😊

“This tastes like worms” my daughter cried. Interesting: how could she know what a worm would taste like? It makes one wonder. Her brother said to me, that this was actually very, very good. My better half decided the structure was the best thing about this burger.

What about me?

And what about me? I liked the taste of this burger and I think it would be even better when I had the chance to fire up the barbecue.

When starting the baking process, the burger feels soft. This changes when the temperature heats up. Make sure that the Beyond Burger doesn’t become to the firm. The inside should be a little bit soft.

I don’t know what the taste of a hamburger based on a meat product is. I think this Beyond Burger can be appealing to a wide range of consumers. When comparing this burger to the real burgers, the price stands out. € 5,99 for two burgers can be a lot of money for some people. You have to realize what the thoughts behind this product are. Better for the environment. Yes, this will cost you more. Just the same as meat that’s not from the bio industry.

We all seen the examples of supermarkets who offer meat at seriously low prices. Is this good meat? You can start a discussion if there is something good about meat, but I’ll skip that one for now. If you’re willing to consider the biological meat as a not-so-bad-thing, then the price is higher. That seems or is the problem. Farmers are offered less money for what they do. In the end, the supermarket profits from all of this. Yes, the consumers too. What if the cheapest meat would be taxed? Making it more expensive than other options.
Because the company behind the Beyond Burger, Beyond Meat, wants to change things in this world we live in, this is a good first step.

Would I recommend this Beyond Burger to anyone? Yes, I would. Try it. Let’s be honest: it’s not meat and it will never be. It’s the thoughts and the ideas behind this product that counts.

More products

If you check the website of Beyond Meat, you can see that they offer more products. I can’t wait to review the next products of Beyond Meat.

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