When I posted a simple photo of my son on his BMX bicycle, I had no idea that this would lead to a photo series of one hundred photos. Every day it was all about The photo.

“Have you got an idea for the photo yet?” It was a question that my better-half asked me regularly. She had to post one on Microsoft Teams to show her colleagues more about homeschooling or working from home. With a wink that is.

As of 1 Juli 2020, the intelligent lockdown as we experienced in The Netherlands since March, is slowly loosened. Time will tell if this is a good choice or not. There is no cure, no vaccine for COVID-19. The numbers are positive, however.

Suddenly our lives came to a standstill in March of this year. Not only our lives. Together with us, many other parents became homeschoolers. The photo series that I started in March didn’t show how we did this. It showed the extra school subjects. With humour. To provide a smile for everyone during one of the most difficult situations in the last years. This was a global event. This was a global disease. Was isn’t the right word to use, I guess. It is not over yet. The numbers don’t lie.

Slowly we became more used to being homeschoolers. But this changed once the children went back to school. Working from home was still an issue. Well, it was and is for my better-half. As of March this year, as a small self-employed person, I have not made many turnovers. I needed to do something with my creativity. That’s why the first part of the series was followed by the second one and that one was all about working in a home environment. Except, I wasn’t the one that worked. It was my better-half who works at home most of the time. I wish I could do the same and this might change for the better. Well, I hope it will.

What will follow next? An emptiness? A black hole? There are so many possibilities to think about. Things I can do from now on. But what should I focus on? I’m not sure about that part. Good ideas (and new business opportunities) are always welcome!

Viewing the photos on this website and the social media channels I use, you might wonder if the photos are real. They aren’t Photoshopped. There was no cutting and pasting. The table can be found in our living room. Well, I don’t know for how long. We used it quite intensively…

There were times my children were just jumping to get started with the new photo of that day. There were also days I had to motivate them. If they weren’t that motivated, I simply told them that others wished to see them. They were missed in previous photos.

That was a hundred photos ...
The final photo…

About the photo

The main characters are Hinke (my better-half), Thisbe (my daughter) and Dante (my son). And yes, there is me. Normally, I post the photo on social media and the website and use one sentence to explain what’s going on. This time, since it’s the last one, I will make an exception.

In the BBC television series Doctor Who, the main character (Doctor Who) travels through time using a Tardis. As you can see the coffin on the table doesn’t even come close to a real Tardis. I was told, however, that it was a special Tardis. Closing the box with me inside and sending it off to Antarctica, is a symbolic act. It marks the end of this photo series.

The end?

There’s no need to worry about what I do on social media and this website. De Goede Huisvader has been around since 2014. I will continue to do so, even after this series of photos. So, it’s not the end for De Goede Huisvader.

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