Ten years later

Ten years later

Ten years ago you left us. Such a strange feeling, because you were always there. Even before I was born. Ten years later, people said many things about you. At first, it was all about the music. Later it was about other things. These last words are still echoing.

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No, it’s not possible to make your answer. You’re gone. You did that twice during your life in court. There were no charges. At one time, you decided to arrange things; a settlement was made. Critics are convinced that this show that things weren’t right. Maybe it was just because you wanted to get rid of all the accusations. No one knows, except for you. But you’re not here to provide the answers.

You may have shared your bed in a way that’s not allowed. Only you can answer questions about this. It’s not clear to me if those who recently stepped forward spoke the truth. People will do some crazy things for money. That’s nothing new. That has always been like that. I’m not saying that these people did so. I also didn’t say that they didn’t do so. I can not make conclusions.

Would it be Mister X, living around the corner, it would not have been so strange. No, I’m not sure if Mister X is the right one to be accused. I am not accusing Mister X or something. It’s your creative legacy that makes it so strange. Maybe even difficult. This creative legacy is so immense. No matter how others try, they can’t come close.

When it came to your creativity, you did things that were never done before you did it. You became a role model. A superstar. Just like the way your father would have wanted it to go, right? That’s something that is more clear. The way you never had the chance to really be a kid is something that made you into what you eventually were. No, this doesn’t justify any alleged abuse. It was all a matter of had to. You had to perform with your brothers. The top wasn’t the highest goal to reach. The universe beckoned.

And now, then years after your passing, everyone is talking about you. About what you supposedly did. It’s not about “Billy Jean”, “Bad” or “The way you make me feel.” Now it’s about slumber parties. Not the ones you have in mind when you think about them. Not as a parent.

The truth. What am I supposed to do with this? Yes, as a father of two children, I am against any form of abuse. But was it abuse? What did happen? I can’t tell. I am sorry for that. Should I base my conclusions on a documentary? In which you could not speak?

It was easier when another hero fell off his pedestal. Lance Armstrong eventually admitted that he had been using doping. It was a reason for me to never watch cycling again. This one “incident” destroyed everything.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idg8TNknvDUNow, ten years later, I watched a mini-concert of you during the Superbowl in 1993. A show that made an impression. It all ended with children. That made me think about all of this. And “all of this” is actually a lot. More than what I want to think about on this day. Is that selfish?

I didn’t cry when you died ten years ago. Yes, it made an impression. I cried when another hero died; David Bowie. But that aside.

Ten years later, I’m thinking: “Is it time to play Thriller at this time?” My wife surprised me with the original vinyl version of this iconic album. Since that moment, I didn’t play that record. Rather strange, isn’t it?