It was too hard, I guess...

It was too hard I guess …

Via Facebook and Instagram I asked whether the followers could see which symbols or hidden messages can be found in the photos I took for the series “Living in Quarantine,” “Working from Home” and the photos I take with the title “ Lockdown 2.0. ” It was too hard, I guess… Don’t worry. I am happy to help you to parse or analyse photos.

We started again!

We started again!

It seems that is was not so long ago that I announced the last photo in the series Working from home. Together with the series Life in Quarantine, it showed what we did during the first lockdown (light). The situation has changed and the new lockdown of December 2020 is more strict. So it was a good time to pick things up where we stopped. Yes, we started again!

De fotograferende huisvader

The photographing family father

This article is no longer based on the situation of my company. I decided to combine all the photography activities under the name I normally use and skip The photographing family father.