Corona Virus

Dag 74

February 27, 2021

In March 2020, I started a photo series as part of the first lockdown in The Netherlands. There are moments when I stopped this series, so I’m not close to 365 photos yet. Today is an important day for this series because one year ago the first confirmed COVID-19 case was a fact. So, in a way, this news is related to the photo series I make. It’s all about February 27, 2021.

We started again!

We started again!

It seems that is was not so long ago that I announced the last photo in the series Working from home. Together with the series Life in Quarantine, it showed what we did during the first lockdown (light). The situation has changed and the new lockdown of December 2020 is more strict. So it was a good time to pick things up where we stopped. Yes, we started again!