De Goede Huisvader

“De Goede Huisvader” is a Dutch term for someone who takes good care of something or another. The name as used by Harm Jagerman is a nod from a stay-at-home dad to the rest of the world.


A man in charge of the household, that's not very common. Still, it's possible!

Why not?

Why couldn't it be? Are we sticking to old-fashioned role patterns?

Why not normal?

Why isn't it normal to break role patterns? Do things always have to stay that way?


In 2014 I started the concept “The Good Housefather.” The “I” in this case is Harm Jagerman. Dutch photographer, lyricist, designer and website developer. I combine my work as an independent entrepreneur with the care of my two children.


It is not yet standard for the men in this world to choose the family, rather than a career or a combination of both. In most cases, it is women who (have to) choose to stay at home. Because this is not normal, there is a need to change this.

What do I do?

It’s not something that’s easy to answer. There is not just one answer to the question “What do I do?” Or if you – the reader – would ask, “What do you do?”

Where to find me