Sleep talking

I wrote a Dutch poem about the nightly conversation between My Scientist and Number 1. He asked if he could have some wood. I still have no idea what he wanted and what is plans were.

Dutch version / Nederlandse versie

My son isn’t the only one who talks in his sleep. My daughter is also capable of having conversations that she doesn’t seem to recall the next day. Almost every night, before going to sleep, I check on the children. On many occasions, she started talking to me.
It was such “fun” when we trained our children not to use a diaper, but the toilet. Just like many other parents, we woke our children, so they could go to the toilet. With our son, this was never a problem. You had to make sure that you supported his body, otherwise he might fall down. Our daughter, well…. That was a quite a different story!
Our daughter, Number 2, is very fond of her bed. Number 1 can be found in our bed, sometimes. She doesn’t like that. She only wants to sleep in her own bed. No one is ever, ever, ever allowed to disturb her. During the period that she was diaper free, we were surprised by the sound of a siren. A siren meaning: her voice. It didn’t stop before she was able to go back to her own bed. After a few weeks, we finally gave up. She never made a “mistake.”
This sleep talking isn’t something that is new to the family. My mother convinced my father to get out of bed because there was a needle in the bed. Another time she sleeps talked and dictated the letter to the milkman. Six cans of milk. My father asked why so many. She told him that she borrowed some milk from her friend. Her friend lives in another city…
Well, this isn’t the only story….
I remember waking up many years ago. I was in the bathroom. At that time, I lived with my mother. She asked me what was wrong. I noticed the bruises on my feet. I fell down the stairs. One day she forgot to lock the front door and there I was, out on the street…
I went to a clinic to find out what was going on many years ago. I was tired and there was this sleepwalking and sleep talking. It wasn’t clear what caused that last part. It was clear why I was tired: I woke up, but not enough while sleeping.
The sleepwalking became less over the years. The sleep talking didn’t. My Scientist will support me on this one. And now, my children.
It’s still not clear why my son needed the wood…

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