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What will help you? A new website or an adaptation of an already existing one? Or is it about thinking along with you? In the latter case, you might benefit more from just the advice that De Goede Huisvader can offer you.

Whatever your wishes, it starts with an inventory of possibilities. You are already doing that yourself. That is probably why you ended up on this page.

What do you need?

So the big question is: what do you need? At least when it comes to your online activities. De Goede Huisvader will be happy to help you develop a new website or webshop. That could be one option.

Another option is adapting an already existing website or webshop.


The development of websites and web shops will in most cases be based on WordPress. This is a proven system for managing websites. Should this be a problem, there is the option of outsourcing this management to De Goede Huisvader.

Where does it start?

Simple. It starts with taking stock of your needs. Not by passing on how much something costs. If that is your desire, to know how much something costs, then it is advisable to look further.

Before starting to take stock of your requirements, there is something else that is even more important. Who are you and what is your goal? What do you want to achieve, maintain or improve online? What are you proud of? What is your motivation and what are your potential pitfalls? These are all things we need to consider. Then we are ready to take stock of your needs.

WordPress and e-commerce

In case you think e-commerce solutions are not possible with WordPress, I would think again. With WordPress, it is indeed possible to present a webshop for your customers. The Good Householder will be happy to help you with it. Even in "filling" your product catalogue. Are the texts too difficult? No problem, there are solutions for that too.

What will it cost?

It depends on what you want. So no, no overview of a base price or minimum cost. You get an overview based on a conversation. In-person or remotely (Teams, Zoom, Jitsi). So make an appointment soon and you’ll soon know more.

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