On social media

On social media

We are the proud owners of a chocolate brown Labrador retriever. He came home with us last Saturday. We’re adjusting to this new situation and I decided to set up a few social media accounts. Something I would dream of doing about a year ago.


There is a chance that our dog will have more followers on social media than I have…

On Saturday 4 July we were allowed to take Guus (pronounced Guss) with us. It was a special ride home. Guus didn’t like it at all. We bought a special gear that can be fitted into the seat belt holder. Yes, safety first! I see a lot of dog owners who allow their dog to move about freely in the car. Without any safety. They’ve probably never considered the possibility of an accident and the consequences this might have!

Well, let’s move on to some facts…

The dog breed Labrador retriever is a fairly new dog breed. In the nineteenth century, several dogs were mixed with the St. John’s dog. In Canada, these dogs were used for hunting near and in the water. Since these dogs were used in the province Newfoundland and Labrador, they were named after the last part of this province. Some use the name Newfoundlander, but this is a different dog breed.

Did you know that the Labrador has webbed feet? It allows the dog to swim even better.

We’re not planning on using this dog to go hunting. At this time it’s all about the exploration of his world. Sometimes it’s hard to control his enthusiasm. That’s why we want to attend a puppy class.

In the end, these dogs are very faithful and good with children. It’s nice to see that both children are accepted by Guus, even after just one week.

Social media?

Why did I start with some social media channels for my dog? It’s because he’s worth it to be portrayed. I don’t want to flood my timeline (Goede Huisvader) with only photos of Guus. There is also another advantage. This way, I will reach another audience. I could also learn from. It’s nice to see other dogs and what their owners do with them.

Is it strange that I decided to do this? If you had asked me this a year ago, I would have said “Yes”. Now that is different. Now he’s worth sharing.

Curious about the adventures of Guus? He is not doing much yet, because it is a puppy. That will certainly change in the future. Below is a list of where Guus is “present”:

As an experiment, I also decided to do something on Snapchat. I’m not really into that. I’m not sure how long I will do this. Snapchat isn’t really for animals. It begins with something as simple as the avatar…

On Snapchat, it’s also labguus.

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