Old news

Old news

A blog about a Saturday morning when I was drinking coffee and reading a newspaper. I was interrupted during this ritual by my oldest one.


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To be bored is something that is quite interesting. Especially when it involves children. A cupboard full of toys, but my son decided he was bored. The moment when you realize that you are bored is always close.

To compare my Saturday morning ritual with a sacred Japanese tea ceremony is one step too far. Still, it is a moment I cherish. It’s also the moment that I play some music (vinyl that is). These moments are rare because I don’t buy a newspaper every Saturday morning.

“I am really bored” is what my son said to me. Notice the word really. It shows that this is an urgent situation. I was under the impression that he was playing with his younger sister. An inquiry taught me that she decided to clean up her room. That is something to get excited about since my daughter doesn’t like to clean up. No matter how fanatically we encourage her to do this…

My dear son stepped down and decided that he was really bored. It’s remarkable, but he didn’t follow her example. So, I tried to encourage him to do the same. That wasn’t an option: “Then I’m still bored”, he replied. While I was thinking about his answer – his ennui would be solved when he was doing something – he not-so-kindly started to talk about what I was doing. Somehow I got involved in all of this. He told me that I was only playing music. I replied that I was in fact also reading the newspaper.

“Old news.” He said to me that reading the newspaper was like reading old news. I have no clue why he came up with this idea since the newspapers I read also include background articles. I suggested that he could try reading a newspaper. It would solve his situation. That wasn’t an option, since reading the newspaper was “dull.” I told him I am such a dull person.

He came up with a new idea: “We should read a history book!” I kindly replied with the answer that I didn’t feel like that since I was already reading “old news.” We were interrupted by his sister, who shouted exultant that she finished cleaning her room. She insisted that we should compliment her on this achievement…

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