My son wanted a YouTube channel, he got an Instagram account instead

Yes, these are sometimes difficult times for parents. What to allow and what not to allow when it comes down to social media. In this case, my son wanted a YouTube channel. I gave him an Instagram channel instead.

Oh, this day did not start very well. Every year the birthday of the king is celebrated throughout the country with this thing called Koningsspelen. Many schools participate in this event and children work-out on this day. The school of my daughter participated. The (special needs) school of my son did not. He was very sad about this.

I believe sad things can be turned into good things. Positivity could flow and it did! I asked my son if he would be interested in taking photographs together with me. This evening, I got the chance to see what he ‘shot.’ I was amazed.
Muscari botryoides
Common dandelion
No, the amazement isn’t caused by the fact that he is my son. I am a photographer and will always remain critically. Even when it concerns my son. In this case, I was impressed to see what he capable of.
For months, my son is asking for his own YouTube channel. To send out videos of him playing Minecraft. My Scientist and I decided that this wasn’t a good idea. Therefore we denied his requests. We came up with an alternative plan: an Instagram account (managed by me) to showcase his photos.
Unfortunately, it was time for bed when we got to the moment he could actually post his photos. But we will get to that during this weekend.
His Instagram profile: He promised he would only write in English!

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