Lockdown 2.0
The Dutch government issued a second lockdown in December 2020. This was a more strict lockdown than the first one, that started in March 2020.

So, it was time to continue where we ended up with the photo series Life in Quarantine and Working from home
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Day 3

The third day of the lockdown. They came up with this idea after I announced that we would continue with the photos on and with the table in our living room.

Day 4

They came up with this idea. Something that they said about: “We will benefit from this!” I didn’t quite understand it…

Day 5

On the fifth day of the lockdown, we rehearsed for the Christmas dinner. That went pretty well (not).

Day 6

On sixth day of the lockdown, my daughter had a flashback to the previous lockdown. To what seemed to be valuable then. She tried to sell me one for ten euros.

Day 7

Silent Night…

Day 8

Day 8 of the lockdown and the question is how to deal with some major issues. How to make sure that not everything sticks? Another problem: How to glue a dinner plate? Now that the essential shops are closed, you have to order things like these online. But, it will take too long for the order to arrive and soon it’s time for Christmas dinner…

Day 9

The ninth day of the lockdown made me apologize. The queues at the supermarkets were too busy. Shopping online to order from the supermarket learned that they were able to deliver groceries in February 2021. But don’t worry, my children can always choose! Supper for Christmas Eve was no exception.

Day 10

Christmas 2020. Everything is different… That’s true for the Christmas brunch…

“Mom and Dad are sitting opposite each other. You will see where …”

Day 11

Day 11 of our lockdown and the children started their own Top 2000. The Top 2000 is broadcasted every year and contains the best songs ever.

Day 12

Day 12 of the lockdown and it was time to taste some food. I’m not sure if everyone was satisfied with the outcome…

Day 13

On the thirteenth day of the lockdown I wanted to repair the toaster. I could order one online, but it would take until March for it to arrive. In addition, the children wanted to toast the bread today …

Day 14

Ah yes, on the fourteenth day of our lockdown, we found one of those too. A monolith. I have to admit, this one has a slightly different shape than the examples that are found all over the world. There is a chance that I have been inside for too long and I’m just imagining things…

Day 15

On the thirteenth day of the lockdown I wanted to repair the toaster. I could order one online, but it would take until March for it to arrive. In addition, the children wanted to toast the bread today …

Day 16

New Year’s Eve 2020 was also the sixteenth day of the lockdown. My children decided to go for the quietest New Year’s Eve ever … ⠀

Day 17

On the first day of the new year, also the seventeenth day of the lockdown, no photo. Read the caption of the photo from day 18 and you will know why …

Day 18

Being awake after twelve on New Years Day is being grumpy until 7 January!

That’s why there was no photo on the seventeenth day of the lockdown. There is one on the eighteenth day of our lockdown!

Day 19

When your parents have told you that homeschooling is supposed to start on Sunday instead of Monday …

Day 20

 This sums it up well … A first day of homeschooling …

Day 20 of our lockdown, by the way. I had to think about the exact day for a moment, because I have lost sense of time.

My son found out that he was free according to his roster – which we said he should check out earlier. Daughter did her school work, including a teams meeting, in an hour and a half.

For my better-half I installed a place to seek refuge… ehm, a place for her online meetings. On the landing. Mine was the kitchen. There was coffee and beer there..

When is the holiday ?!

Day 21

Day 21 of our lockdown and on this second day of homeschooling, No. 1 was apparently very productive.Three headsets and two laptops.

Day 22

Lunch time. Someone had to answer the phone and email anyway ..

Oh yes, this one happened spontaneously in this chaos of homeschooling and working from home …

Day 23

We wrestled. Looks like the table won…

Day 24

When you just thought you could sleep after another week of working from home, someone decides it is time to celebrate another week of home schooling.

Day 25


Day 26

She thought it was time for swimming lessons (with clothes on, like when she did her exam). He thought it was time to do some work on his schoolwork, so that he could sleep late on Monday …⠀

Day 27

Fire drill…

Day 28

She saw fire…
(the result of the fire drill yesterday)

Day 29

It’s a real lockdown when the power goes out …

Day 30

Day 30 of our lockdown: The dog walking service…

Day 31

Quite difficult. A gym class when your mom actually gets in the way ..

Day 32

Photo 1:

“Three, two, one … Blindfolds off! Surprise: Daddy has snow!”

“Wow, how did you get this? It’s not even snowing yet!”

Photo 2:
“The freezer compartment”

Day 33

Where’s Day 33? Not here! This day can be found … well, nowhere…

Day 34

When you father joins Blue Monday. It can be a distraction when you’re homeschooled…⠀

Day 35

Just like that song by Otis Redding: “I’ve got dreams to remember…”⠀

(or: everyone has a wish)⠀

Day 36

The dog ate the homework. According to my daughter, ‘suddenly’ there was dog food among her homework …⠀

Day 37

Our excuse for today: “We’re rabbits. We don’t do schoolwork.”

Day 38

“Daaaad, we can’t do our schoolwork!” ⠀
“Why not?” ⠀
“There’s a dog in the way!”⠀
“How’s that possible?” ⠀
“No clue!” ⠀

Day 39

Lockdown day 39: Cashing! Cashing! Cashing! Tonight it is time for the Curfew in the Netherlands.⠀

“That’s right madam, this model will let itself out All you have to do is walk around with a dog leash.”⠀

“No, unfortunately sir. We have no more available places at eleven! We still have a place at three o’clock tonight… ”⠀

Day 40

On this 40th day of the lockdown, there is cause for celebration! We have decided to start homeschooling on a Sunday from now on. We have also decided to leave this to someone else.⠀

So, heater off for the utmost concentration!⠀

Day 41

This photo was made possible by Insta Clone. Guaranteed results!

Nobody wanted to play chess. No problem!

Day 42

I wasn’t sure if this was because of the new recipe… 

Day 43

It was just a matter of waiting… 

Day 44

After I posted the photos made possible with the help of the occasional sponsor Insta Clone (for guaranteed result) I received some questions. Questions that were about the reliability of the photos in the series Lockdown 2.0. Some felt that these photos weren’t matching the reality of our lives in lockdown. ⠀

From now on, I decided to post only reliable photos. Newsworthy photos with high journalistic content. That goes without saying.⠀

In short, lockdown day 44: He’s always in the way. All the time.⠀

Day 45

Lockdown day 45: Continue unperturbed.

Inspired by the photo series about our life in lockdown, the employer of my better-half decided it my other half’s employer decided to start a competition. So that those who worked from home were able to show their workplace. We decided it was a good moment to think about a new workplace.

Day 46

In the last weekend of January, people all over The Netherlands are counting birds. Birds in their garden. 

I’ve done some counting too, in the backyard. 

Somehow, I’m not sure everyone is going to believe me…

Day 47

Lockdown day 47…

It was nice this weekend counting birds in the backyard (see previous post), but how to get rid of this one? The children insisted he had to come into the house…

A Maximum one guest per day, according to what the Dutch government said earlier. But grandma already paid us a visit!

Day 48

Another Monday, another Month. February 1st. Just seven more days before the schools are re-opening in The Netherlands, if all goes well. ⠀

Monday. The day that you can suddenly realise that you want nothing more than to lie down. Talk about a ‘hard lockdown.’ ⠀

No inspiration? That’s right. We adapted to this Monday. The 48th day of the lockdown by the way. ⠀

Day 49

Was there a reason to celebrate after the Dutch government made clear that the schools are reopening? Was there no reason? Or was there? Or just a little?⠀

All of this keeps on amazing us. One year ago, I couldn’t have imagined all of this. Especially that we would have a lockdown visit by… well, what is it exactly? It’s just one visitor per day.

Day 50

Lockdown Day 50 or Coronation Day. 

Suddenly it comes to you! Something that you’ve never done before: crown yourself emperor!⠀

Day 51

It looked like it was about to snow. Well, it wasn’t. But preperations are very important. 

Day 52 - "Warmetruiendag"

It was “Warmetruiendag” (Warm Sweater Day) in The Netherlands. 

Something tells me the planning could have been a bit better …⠀

Harm’s tip: switch off the heater, put on sweaters. Instead of turning the heat off, find out that there are no sweaters and they still have to knit thanks to the lockdown. Only to find out that you really can’t knit …⠀

Day 53

The weather forecast: code red, heavy snowfall! So it is important to be prepared. Well prepared! ⠀

It’s funny. The moment you can start building a snowman starts at 9 p.m. That is the exact moment when the Dutch curfew starts.⠀

Day 54

Lockdown Day 54 – Winter in The Netherlands. It’s hard to keep the children inside. Yes, they find things to take home with them.

“Dad, can we please keep him?”

Day 55


The explanation can be found on the right. If you view the photo on your mobile, the explanation is below the photo.


“We” reached photo number 55. It was 55 days ago that the lockdown in The Netherlands started. I started the photo series “Lockdown 2.0.” If you count the photos in the first two series (2020), it makes a total of 155 photos.

The children go back to school. Tomorrow one will go to school. The other has to work from home until Wednesday. This Monday, schools were closed due to the weather.

As the schools are reopening, you can ask me the question of what I will do when it comes down to this photo series.



For the parents, there will be little change. The lockdown is pretty much in effect. The measures will continue until March, including a curfew between 21.00 and 4.30. We will see what happens after that. This isn’t an answer to the question…

Many photos I posted as “De Goede Huisvader” showed life with homeschooling and working from home. It wasn’t about likes. It was to poke the Dragon (in Dutch this is way better, sorry that). This Dragon is the virus. People don’t have to be sick to be affected by it. The photo series was always intended to make you laugh or smile for a moment, however, short the moment. Indeed, sometimes it was not quite (or not at all) a reflection of our lives. A life that has changed radically since March last year. But that applies to more people. I will leave aside what all this meant for my activities as a photographer and writer. I can tell you that it is sometimes difficult for someone who was used to travelling for work (my better-half). She works very hard to find solutions for hospitals and health institutions (among others) to ensure that she does not have to say “no” when asked for protective equipment (mouth masks, gloves etc) the umpteenth time. No, that is no heavier than an entrepreneur who has had to close the doors completely. A photo series like I make is not a solution for that. If only I had a solution, I would have shared it with love.

Because I notice that the photos are liked, I will continue. Until when I don’t know. If this can be my (small) contribution, then I think I should do it. Unfortunately, I can’t do more.

Schools were closed today. Three guesses where I brought the table, chairs and the map and who came along …

Day 56

After weeks of homeschooling at the table, it was finally time. The moment that the children went back to school? No, it was the moment when one of them went to school and the table could be used for other purposes.

As of Wednesday 09-02-2021 both children went to school. 

You might wonder: “Where was your better-half?” She worked in an igloo. 

Day 57

The house was quiet, now the children returned to school. There are advantages. It was finally possible to play with things you normally aren’t allowed to play with. ⠀

I wasn’t bored at all… ⠀

Day 58

Finally found the option on the printer…

Day 59

It is more difficult than it looks.

Day 60

We read a lot during this lockdown. 

Day 61

On the 61st day of the lockdown it finally worked!⠀

Day 62

“No, we have to be really strict!”

Day 63

Oh yes, it was carnival …⠀

Day 64

Now that you’re at home, it doesn’t really matter what you put on your head… ⠀

Day 65

“Come bear, we’ll make the lockdown an even bigger challenge!”⠀

Day 66

Lockdown Day 66 – Today it was not possible to homeschool (it was not necessary, because one child was free and the other child only had classes in the morning) or to work from home. This one was on the table displaying a letter all day long. A letter from the new school. The letter was also appreciated by the dog, as you can see at the edges …

Day 67

Experts warn us about the possibility that children may fall behind due to the period of homeschooling as we’ve experienced before. That’s why we cancelled the vacation and it’s time for homeschooling. Even on a Saturday.

Let’s start with history.

Warning, this photo contains subtle voting advice…

Day 68

Become one with your surroundings… 

Day 69

It was vacation, right?

Day 70

What is it and where’s the USB port for the mouse?⠀

Day 71

I’m not saying that it happened. I’m also not saying that it didn’t happen…
What can happen: after playing all afternoon you have finally some me-time and you may miss certain things. That could happen…

Day 72

“So, did you do anything interesting today?”⠀

Day 73

She made this one, I decided to finish this just a little bit today…

I call this one “Flashback”

Day 74

This photo was taken on Saturday, February 27, 2021. It requires a longer story.

Day 75

Now you understand why there is a map on our wall. The map is not only part of the photo series “Lockdown 2.0.” It also ensures that the view is not too distracting …

Day 76

Two conclusions that you make on the 76th day of the lockdown:

1. The parcel deliverer knows your name. Maybe you order too much online …

2. Receiving a package on behalf of your neighbours is not the same as looking at what’s in it …

The question is of course how you are going to explain that one package has already been opened (a bit) …

Day 77

I don’t think we have enough screens …

Day 78

When you can no longer bear the music you make yourself …

Day 79

“Do you want to change places?”

In short, together we explored new possibilities for a workplace …

Day 80

“Look, just think of it as a lockdown. Only one with a fence. By the way, you can just open it and here, you just put your hand through it… ”⠀

Moments later:⠀

“I think we’re stuck.”⠀

Day 81

It’s not going to work if everything and everyone is always in the way… ⠀

Day 82

We dedicate the next song to …⠀

Day 83

Not because you’re a girl, you can’t. Not because you’re a girl can you do it. You can do it because you are human. Coincidentally a girl, later a woman. You cannot be stopped because you are a girl or a woman. You are human and you count!⠀

If you now would be so kind to step off the table, because your father needs to work. ⠀

Believe in your strength. You have the option to do that. Not every girl or woman is allowed this. Stopped by boys or men. Just because they think they are more important. They are not.⠀

Day 83 of the Lockdown in the Netherlands coincides with International Women’s Day 2021.⠀

Towards an equal world! In all perspectives!⠀⠀

Day 84

“No, no problem. I iron, then you think about new lockdown hobbies.”

Day 85

So I said to him, “Listen, today is your monthly birthday. You are ten months old now. It’s time for a little more responsibility. So I suggest that you entertain everyone for a while so I can try out some new lockdown hobbies.”

Day 86

It’s day 86 and it’s never a dull moment during this lockdown. Well, it’s not so much of a lockdown for the children. They can escape their parents by going to school.

It’s time to test coffee! The outcome: we can’t tell you what coffee is the best coffee. We can tell you that for the next seven days sleeping is optional.

Day 87

Next time we will try it with fork and knife. 

Day 88

There’s a chance that it might be a good idea to think about visiting a barber shop…

Now you know why I wear hats …

Day 89

Because I didn’t feel like taking photos, I happily left it to someone else.

“Wait a minute, I have to select the correct ISO value.”

Day 90

Something tells me this new dog bed could get in the way of any homework and school assignments …

Day 91

Happy Lockdown to you
Happy Lockdown to you

One year ago it all started in The Netherlands. We loosened the measures and the lockdown was lifted. This made me pause the photo series. I started again in December 2020. This is photo 91, so garlands.

Or were these garlands for the upcoming elections in The Netherlands? I can vote tomorrow. I wonder if I’m completely ready. What do you think: is this Corona proof?

First things first: memorising the list with candidates. Not easy with 39 political parties. Or aren’t they going to question you verbally while you’re voting about who exactly is on the list?

Day 92

Starting from the moment she arrived home after school, I was notified every 30 minutes that her birthday is tomorrow. Always helpful when working from home. As soon as I stopped answering her outcries, she decided to write it down.

The t-shirt? A Dutch political party. She used the internet to do a test and ended up with the same advise as the party my better-half and I voted for. She did this test al by herself.

It’s sad, because it will be her second lockdown birthday.

Day 93

“Hey Google, what’s that spell to dispel corona?”⠀

A new outfit, because it is her birthday. Her second birthday in lockdown. Let’s hope it won’t be a third!⠀

Day 94

Aluminum foil hats? No dude, we just do tables instead of hats! It must help against… something…

We are still waiting for the vaccinations. Then we finally have a good 5G connection at home. Two to be precise.

Day 95

 From now on I will turn on the light again.

Just pay attention to the details. They are important. Do not confuse the Swiss flag with other flags. Not with the flag of the Red Cross. Subtle hint for those who followed the Dutch news on Saturday 20-03-2021.

Day 96

She wanted something different in our living room. That is rather difficult during a lockdown: Not all stores are open or work with time slot. I’m not very good with a time slot. I am good with water… I think…

Day 97

Right. Yesterday’s photo with our newly decorated living room raised some questions. How was it possible and why wasn’t I in the photo. There was a good reason for that: It took me time to get myself a diving suit.

Day 98

A year ago today, the adventure of capturing life in lockdown began. Two more pictures, then it is time for the hundredth picture. So the question for you is: what would you like to see from life in lockdown here at home?!

Since the basin in the living room was not such a big success, it was time for something else. Let’s hope she likes this. She was less enthusiastic about the water …

Day 99

You have been waiting for this one all day… At least, when you’re in the same time zone as I am. I hope it wasn’t a hard day….

Yes indeed, waiting all day and photo 99 is here. What a photo! Everything is possible in this house!

99 days of lockdown in The Netherlands. I know that many other countries are dealing with lockdowns. Some even more strict than the lockdown in The Netherlands. Last night our PM informed us the lockdown will be prolonged. Just like in the country I live in, it’s also hard and difficult. I wish I had some words for you. Something that will help you. To a period in time where there are no lockdowns. I don’t have the right words. I do have a visitor for you. One that visited me this afternoon. To show what he can do. Yes, everything is possible in this house and on the table!

Tomorrow it’s time for photo 100. Interesting: this is another day of homeschooling. What a coincidence!

Day 100

This is the one. Photo 100 in the series Lockdown 2.0 series.

Day 101

Lockdown day 101 – foto 98

Let these figures sink in for a moment. Are you new ‘here’, check the previous photo. When you are following for a longer time, also check the previous photo and then this one again.

Yes, my daughter can count. I can’t. I have other qualities. Vacuuming, for example.

Translation of the text: “Number of photos: 97. Number of Days: 100. Where are the other three?”

Day 102

We are still in the process of redecorating our living room. Today I suggested to go for a completely new approach. Not everything turned out right, as you can see (map)….

Day 103

Sometimes I have no clue what happens here in our living room. What I do know: This is photo 100.

I could write a beautiful story about the how and why, but I’m pretty sure that I already did this…

Day 104

Which one should I choose?

“No dear, it was always there. You simply didn’t notice it before.”

“The kids!”

“The dog. It must have been the dog!”

“What hole? I don’t see a hole. There’s no hole.”

“That only makes the map more beautiful.”

“That’s vintage.”

Or just go with: “Well, you never guess what happened to me today!”

Day 105

Suddenly, you have this great idea! There is a solution for that hole in the wall. We decided to rent it out. We told the children taking any red balloons was a no-go.

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