On 15 March the Dutch government issued the closing of all Dutch schools. Parents were already asked to work from home, but now became teachers. We had to adjust to this new situation. After seven days, it resulted in a photo series: Life in Quarantine.

When you would have asked me in January or February of this year, if I would believe that all schools would close down, I would never have believed you. This became a reality in March. This reality is something that not everyone believes works. I’m not starting or feeding this discussion.

Quarantine Day 7: BMX Class

Seven days after we became teachers, I suggested – as a joke – that my son should put on his BMX gear and put his bike on the table. Meanwhile, my better half worked as she did so many days before. It resulted in a new photo series entitled Life in Quarantine.

I didn’t work. Photography, creating or developing websites, writing (including translations) is something that isn’t necessary at this moment I guess. I started another project: my model train track. But this wasn’t something that would or could keep me busy all day long. Besides, I wanted to do something with photography as well.

Education played an important role in our lives. That’s why I decided to post the first photo. After that, I saw that people found it funny. It’s a combination of something serious (working from home and homeschooling) with something over the top. That was the goal.

I wanted to shed some light in these dark times of COVID-19. Until the day that it was time to prepare for school. Schools will reopen tomorrow (Monday). My daughter will attend school on Mondays and Thursdays. My son is in a class with fewer students, so he gets to go all week long. Yes, it does mean we’ll be homeschooling our daughter on Thursdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. But it’s different now. That’s why it was time to think about the photo series.

I decided this and yes, you will have to wait for the outcome.



Something is going to change though. In a few weeks, we will be welcoming Guus into our lives. A brown labrador.

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