The Dutch government issued another lockdown on Saturday 18 December 2021. It was time for Lockdown 3.0. This third version applies to the photos I make. It wasn’t the first time I started a photo series.

Remember? The photo with my oldest child is on the table in the living room. It was the start of the first series entitled “Life in Quarantine.” It was followed by “Working from home” and “Lockdown 2.0.” So, now was time for Lockdown 3.0.

Quarantaine Dag 7: BMX-les

I decided to start over when it comes to the photo count. This time there’s even a “Day 0.” This was on Saturday 18 December. The day the announcement was made. The lockdown started the next day.


It’s unclear how long I will keep on taking photos. My eldest child is enthusiastic. My youngest one and my better half both sighed. Because nobody felt like doing anything on this first lockdown day, I decided to teach the Labrador how to play chess….

Het was tijd voor Lockdown 3.0

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The February 2022 update of this website made me decide not to include the photos anymore. They can be found on the following social media channels.

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