Een witte wereld. Daarin ontwaakten wij, net zoals veel mensen. Het werd een dag waarop ineens alles anders was, zo leek het.  Even was COVD-19 of corona ver weg. Een winterse wereld zorgde daarvoor.

Do you remember?

Weet je het nog? Die tijd dat we het niet hadden over COVID-19 of corona? Het lijkt zover weg. Vandaag was er voldoende nieuws te melden over het virus. Er was ook ontzettend veel te melden over het weer. Het was sinds 2012 niet meer voorgekomen dat we maken kregen met een sneeuwstorm. We hadden in de jaren wel te maken met kwakkelend winterweer en vooral hete zomers. Iedereen die van mening is dat dit winterse weer het bewijs is dat de klimaatsverandering een hoax is, moet nog even goed blijven nadenken. Het was in 2012 voor het laatst dat we te maken hadden met een sneeuwstorm. Dat zegt voldoende.

De labrador kijkt samen met dochterlief naar het water.


Suddenly everything was different. We looked for warm clothes and found that it didn’t really help. While walking the dog, we found out that he liked this snowy day. The snow did not appeal to him much the previous snow day.

Social media

You couldn’t ignore it on social media. Everyone enthusiastically posted pictures of the winter scenes. I myself was a little less happy in the morning. As much as I would have liked to have gone out with my camera, I didn’t. Snow, like rain, isn’t too good for your camera. Certainly the powder snow that fell today was not too good. Fortunately, I thought that it is best to make your own rain cover for your camera. A snow cover. I was not completely satisfied with the result, because I could only use the lens in one position. Zooming out or zooming in was not possible. It was better than nothing at all.

That way I was also able to make my contribution. Although I did come across some strange animals every now and then. Probably attracted to the Beast from the North…

A penguin in the street

Een pinguïn in de straat
A penguin in the street

Right, a penguin…

Polar bears in the street

Een pinguïn in de straat
Polar bears in the street.

Yes, yes, polar bears!


De Yeti
Turining a corner… there was Yeti.

While walking the dog you really come across everything!

Polar Bear on the table

IJsbeer op tafel
A polar bear on the table.

“Dad, can we keep it please?”

All different?

Was it all different? Not really. What was the difference from before, except that I am a father myself now? We used to play in the snow and so did my kids. Because I myself lived a minute’s walk from school, there was no question of ice-free. Tomorrow it will. Then many schools in the Netherlands close their doors. Logical, because I don’t think it’s fun to hit the road in the morning.

However, it used to be more common that winter weather could be enjoyed. In my mind I think back to endless winters. Like endless summers, this was not the case. The winters were not endless time. They were, however, endless in experiences, in memories. Let’s hope that these days will also remain in our memory for a long time. A day when, despite a strict lockdown, we could forget for a while that we weren’t there yet.

Not thinking about it is not a denial. It is a moment when you realize that small things can make you very happy. Let that now be a beautiful lesson of the times in which we live. Cherishing that little happiness. If you do that long enough, it will grow big or big on its own!

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