It became a day when suddenly everything was different, it seemed

Het werd een dag waarop ineens alles anders was, zo leek het

We woke up in a winter wonderland. Just like many people in The Netherlands. It became a day when suddenly everything was different, it seemed. This winter wonderland made sure that our thoughts about COVID-19 or corona were moved to the background.

Ancient history

There was a time that we didn’t talk about COVID-19 or corona. This seems like ancient history. Today, the Dutch news media covered different stories. Yes, there was still media coverage about the virus. Since this was the first time since 2012 that our country experienced a snowstorm, the focus shifted. In the following years after 2012, we experienced some ailing winters and hot summers. For those who claim that climate change is just a hoax: think again. 2012 was the last year we experienced a snowstorm like this. You might want to think about that fact for a moment. 

The dog

The dog

Everything was different this day. We searched for warm clothes and realised that these clothes didn’t help at all. When we walked the dog it was striking that he liked this snow day. The last snow day didn’t do much for the dog.

Social media

On social media, it was hard to ignore winter in The Netherlands. Everyone posted their photos of this winter wonderland. I was less enthusiastic when I realised that the weather wasn’t good for my camera. Finally, I decided to make a rain cover for my camera. Well, a snow cover. The outcome of this small project wasn’t that good. It turned out I wasn’t able to use the lens. Zooming in and out wasn’t possible. It was better than nothing.

That way I could also make my contribution. Well, I came across some animals that don’t quite belong here, I think. They were probably drawn to the Beast from the North…

Was everything different?

Was everything different this Sunday? It wasn’t that different from the winters I used to experience. There was something different. Instead of my child, I was now a grownup and father of two children. I used to play in the snow, just like my children did. Schools are cancelled for tomorrow. When I was young this wasn’t an option, since I only lived a minute away from my school.

This type of weather was more common when I was younger. I vividly remember those winters. They seemed endless. Just like the endless summers. These seasons weren’t endless. They were in my memory. Let’s hope days like these will form memories for a long time. Like this Sunday. A day on which, despite the lockdown in The Netherlands, we could forget things for a moment.

It’s no matter of denying or underestimating the seriousness of COVID-19 or corona. This is a moment when you realise that small things in life can sparkle happiness. This could be a lesson for everyone. That despite the time we live in it all comes down to cherishing those precious small moments. Remember, those small moments together turn into something big when you add them together.

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