The news isn’t world news. It’s nothing compared to the news that you have probably read today. Unless you read the Dutch newspapers, there is a chance that you missed this news. It’s all about adjustments. Adjustments can be good or bad. If you don’t like it, then change it. Right?


What’s this story? A school director in the Dutch city Hengelo has ordered that the school play needs to be changed. The children of the final year of this elementary school decided that they wanted to change this year’s school play. Instead of two parents from different sexes, they came up with the idea to change this into a couple that consists of two of the same sex. He decided that this was not a good plan, because of one child. This child is from a family of Jehova’s Witnesses. The man made a decision that a gay marriage in a school play was too offensive.


The school plays are the final “goodbye” for those children who are off to high school after the Summer holiday. These plays are written from the more traditional point of view when it comes to family life. A man marries woman etc. etc. We all know that this isn’t the only option. Still, the director decided not to go through with the plans that were the result of the creativity of children in the ages from eleven to twelve years old. Unfortunately, he refused to give more interviews about his decision, apart from the one he gave earlier. This article is available in Dutch. Due to the “wonderful” restrictions based on the GDPR, I was unable to use Google Translate based on the URL. Since the article holds the copyright, I cannot include the text and/or the translated version.

Social media

Many Dutch people spoke about the decision not to change the school play on social media. Some of these reactions aren’t ones that we should feel proud of. This, unfortunately, happens a lot on social media. I could write long blogs about this subject. This blog, however, is about changes or adjustments when we don’t like it or things. Sometimes it’s a great idea to change things. The way these youngsters came up with the idea to let go of the more “traditional” family roles is something to respect. The decision of the director isn’t if you ask me.


Respect each other, that is what we believe in as parents. We as in My Scientist and me. We can also mean those who think like we do. I think it’s very “strange” (I choose a mild description), what is going on. Respect for others is an important part of those values we wish to pass on to our children. There should be respect for those who are giving in to what they feel, need or want. This can vary from religion, political beliefs, and sexual preference. These subjects matter. They should not be “hidden.” Especially when you take into consideration that these Jehova’s Witnesses aren’t the most tolerant people. Really, they aren’t. But this group isn’t the only religious group who has the same ideas.


I think it’s all about how you view the world and how you want others to respect you. And this respect begins with what you tell your children if you are a parent. Yes, a girl and boy may fall in love. A girl and a girl may also be able to fall in love, just as two boys can. When they grow old, in this country they can get married. Still, some people don’t see it that way, unfortunately. Tolerance has its limits when it comes to certain people. Should a school play be changed back to what it was because of people who hold on to the things they find “normal” and refuse to see that there is more?

Fair chance

When I look at the education I give my children, this is all about giving things a fair chance unless there is violence or injustice involved. The choice of the children who came up with the idea isn’t injustice, the decision of the director is (according to me). In an attempt to keep everyone happy or satisfied, he made his decision. He doesn’t see what this religion represents. There is a lot to say about this religion. Some even call it a sect, but I don’t want to go as far as that. Let’s just say that the beliefs of this group aren’t all about being tolerant. But this is the same in other religious groups. No, not all, luckily!

Would you get the same respect in return?

It all comes down to an important question you must always ask yourself: Would you get the same respect in return? If this isn’t the same respect, you should ask yourself: What will you do? The school director should have asked this question…

If you don’t like it, then change it. Right? Not really!

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