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What to do, when the schools close down and you’re forced to work from home?

Nederlandse versie

It had a big impact on our lives. Two weeks ago the Dutch government issued that all schools were to close until 28 April. It looks like this school lockdown will continue after this date.
We decided that the children would not go to school as of 16 March. Whatever the government would say about all of this. Children might not be at risk, but their parents are.

First, it was all so far away. It all took place in China. Slowly it came closer and closer. The world learned about the coronavirus (COVID-19). The news is dominated by all of this. That does make sense because many have gotten sick or – even worse – died. Not only in the country we live in (The Netherlands). Everyone, all over the globe, has to deal with this virus.
So, how to deal with a new reality? A reality where children don’t go to school. You adjust. That’s the first step. It’s no use to describe how we do this. It works differently for everyone. Every family is different.

We have our ways and will continue to do what we do until it’s no longer necessary. Yes, you can complain about all of this. It’s the way it is.

Because my company activities were no longer the main focus next to my children, I decided to do something with my creativity. I did so after a week of silence. After seven days of lockdown light, I started a new series of photos entitled Life in Quarantine. No, it’s not real quarantine.

Every day a new photo (sometimes more) with a sense of humour. You can find these photos on the website or on the social media accounts I use:

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Although it seems like we don’t take things serious. We do take it serious. We don’t underestimate COVID-19. The new tasks for us as parents (teachers) is something we take seriously. Consider these photos as the extras, with a wink!


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