Today is my oldest daughter’s birthday and that provides food for thought. It has to do with the idea that this fourteenth birthday has arrived much faster than I planned for example.


There would eventually come a day when I would write about my daughter and her fourteenth birthday. I just didn’t expect it to be this fast.

Yes, just think about that…

As the oldest one turns fourteen today, this marks the beginning of a new period. Well, she thinks it does. She considers this age important. She has plans. Those plans had to be postponed for a year. Now she plans to make it work. Literal. She plans to find a part-time job.

There are times when I think, “Who are you?” For example, when she said she really couldn’t wait until she turned fourteen. Then she could start working (a part-time job that is).

I carefully explained that a part-time job entails responsibility. I also told her about the obligations. Her answer was, “I know, Dad!” With the emphasis on that last word. She does that often. A habit she took over from me. I do the same thing, with her first name.

Screenshot Instagram 17/11/2022.
Screenshot Instagram 17/11/2022. Check the original post here.

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