Today is my oldest daughter’s birthday and that provides food for thought. It has to do with the idea that this fourteenth birthday has arrived much faster than I planned for example.


There would eventually come a day when I would write about my daughter and her fourteenth birthday. I just didn’t expect it to be this fast.

Yes, just think about that…

As the oldest one turns fourteen today, this marks the beginning of a new period. Well, she thinks it does. She considers this age important. She has plans. Those plans had to be postponed for a year. Now she plans to make it work. Literal. She plans to find a part-time job.

There are times when I think, “Who are you?” For example, when she said she really couldn’t wait until she turned fourteen. Then she could start working (a part-time job that is).

I carefully explained that a part-time job entails responsibility. I also told her about the obligations. Her answer was, “I know, Dad!” With the emphasis on that last word. She does that often. A habit she took over from me. I do the same thing, with her first name.

Fourteen years. Fourteen birthdays flew by. This is a different first birthday. Via social media, I wrote about what was announced in November. By my daughter. About who she is. That makes it different this year. Not special anymore. Every birthday of my children is a special day for me. It’s a day when I think about times gone by. In this case, it is ‘different’ and at the same time, it doesn’t feel that way. It feels good. The idea that I can write that my eldest daughter has turned fourteen is normal for me.

At the same time, it is a day when you realize that it is special again. That you have to get used to the idea more quickly: “I have a fourteen-year-old daughter.”

Saying those words or typing/writing them. They have an impact. I have a fourteen-year-old daughter. Fourteen.


It’s official, I am old…

Then I come back to what I typed/wrote earlier. That is immediately my ‘salvation.’ The idea is that this is the first birthday in this way. In the way it just is. Which is just how it goes. As it is now. As it should now.

Still, it keeps ringing…

Fourteen… fourteen…

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