February 27, 2021

In March 2020, I started a photo series as part of the first lockdown in The Netherlands. There are moments when I stopped this series, so I’m not close to 365 photos yet. Today is an important day for this series because one year ago the first confirmed COVID-19 case was a fact. So, in a way, this news is related to the photo series I make. It’s all about February 27, 2021.

No lockdown jokes today. No photo like the ones I took since March 2020 (with a few interruptions). Today, this photo represents tranquillity. It predominates this photo. It wasn’t because I didn’t feel like taking a photo today.


The goal of this photo series has always been the same: to make people smile and forget about COVID-19 for a moment. It didn’t matter if you viewed the photos on this website or the social media channels I use. It wasn’t about likes. Even if the photos received just one like, my mission would be a success. This meant that one person was able to smile for a brief moment.


Today, February 27, one year ago our former Dutch minister Bruno Bruins was informed during a live television program that the first COVID-19 patient was admitted to hospital. In the Dutch media, this moment was referred to as “Het Briefje van Bruins.” If translated to English this would be: “The letter of Bruins.” Perhaps ‘to’ is a better word to chose here.

This news would be the beginning of a new period. It wasn’t a pleasant one. It wasn’t easy. Whatever your point of view is: we all have been affected. Not just because you might live in another country, not just because you didn’t get sick. Maybe others around you did. We know the outcome in some cases: tragic, painful and sad.

Day 74

This is Day 74 of the Lockdown in The Netherlands. This lockdown started in December 2020. I’m not sure when it will be over. One year ago we were informed about the first COVID-19 patient. The virus “arrived” in The Netherlands.

One year has passed. During that year we cried, we were scared and we screamed. The past few months more and more decided to scream. We feel this anger, we feel helpless. Sometimes we see this virus as a human being. I do that too. The thought that comes to my mind is to punch it right in the face.

Unfortunately, I can’t. I can only take photos.

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