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Dr. Seuss was always right

I don’t mind admitting that I am an admirer of the work of Dr. Seuss. To me, he left us a great literary legacy. To me, Dr. Seuss was always right.

As I went through the photos I took over the last few days, I noticed two things. The first thing to notice was that I took a lot of photos that can only be ‘shot’ in springtime. These were photos of blossoms. The second thing I noticed, was that the period of blooming trees is coming to an end. There is one way to look at what you see changing in nature. That is the way Dr. Seuss looked at the world he lived in. When it comes to this magnificent quote, one can only conclude that it’s true. Yes, things change and it causes this unhappy feeling. You might even start to cry. My kids can do that. What I tell them is basically what Dr. Seuss told us: that you should be happy to have those beautiful memories. Memories that you should cherish.

The last few days, my oldest one and I spent time taking photos. After we were done, we took some time to see what the results were. Sometimes there was some disappointment because the result on the big screen (computer) wasn’t the same as on the small screen (camera). That was the moment we decided to do other things. To ease the pain that the shooting was over, I showed the quote from Dr. Seuss.

Dr. Seuss was always right

Beautiful quotes

Dr. Seuss left us more beautiful quotes. Many of them are part of his books. Books I read to my children. Guess what? They are fans of his books too! Yes, you are allowed to feel sad about that what has ended. But, remember, you will always have these memories. I hope that they are very good memories!

Dr. Seuss was always right

When it comes to the title of this blog: I didn’t yet find a book that contained something that is considered as a deeper meaning. So, therefore: Dr. Seuss was always right. Was, because passed away in 1991.

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