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This is what I call The Great Collection. All the articles that aren’t included in any other category reside here.

My thoughts are diverse. Sometimes they’re based on experience. Sometimes they’re based on what I see or hear.

The amount of articles is great, but the amount of thoughts is innumerable.

Thoughts are a strange thing. They are your own, but sometimes you don’t want to keep them to yourself. In this category, you can find everything that I want to share with you. This is my category. I do not place guest blogs in this category.

Although it is a large collection, from September 2020 I started to create order in this chaos. Not everything needs to be “thrown” in one big pile. That is why I have decided to divide the articles into other, new categories. All this to give you more clarity. That way you know what belongs together.

Until then, there is this collection. Maybe after figuring it out, the category will also continue to exist. Instead of “diverse” or “miscellaneous,” it’s the “thoughts.”

You can respond to any article. Do you want to keep it friendly? Discussion is fine. You don’t have to agree with me. Kindness is, however, central.

A wallet, a plant and a sticker

A wallet, a plant and a sticker

There seems to be nothing in common with a wallet, a plant and a sticker. Until you find out what the story is. I will tell you more about these things and why they are related.



On Instagram (and Facebook) I posted a photo this evening that is somewhat differtent from the photos I normally post in the series work from home. A photo that I found necessary. It’s an online protest, instead of working from home. The text I used as a caption is the main text of this blog.

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It’s sometimes hard to describe inspiration and what it does. No everyone finds inspiration in the same things. On 10 January 2016 David Bowie left this world. For me, he has always been a great inspiration. Even when he is no longer with us, I can still be inspired by his music.
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