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Where does it start or did it begin? Where does it end? Do you sometimes ask questions like this? I do! I like to write about technological developments. Or just about Tech (nology). It is a broad category, so a lot is possible.

Don’t expect the reviews about the most new products from me. The costs I would have to incur for this would be enormous. I therefore prefer to leave that to others. If it is possible to write about a novelty, then I will. I have done that many times in the past. I once even had a review website focused on technological developments.

But the questions remain: Where does it begin or did it begin? Where does it end? I cannot answer these questions. However, we can be amazed together about the things I write about. There is plenty to write and the boundaries are sometimes difficult to define.
Suggestions for topics for this category are always appreciated! For more information, please contact us via the email address [email protected] Then we look together at what is possible.

Writing a guest blog for this category is also possible. That seems fun! It is always nice to read what others write about technological developments. Who knows, maybe your article can help others!
If you have written a unique article (which has not yet been published anywhere), you can send it to us. There must, however, be a clear interface with the content of this website. But that speaks for itself, right?

On social media

On social media

We are the proud owners of a chocolate brown Labrador retriever. He came home with us last Saturday. We’re adjusting to this new situation and I decided to set up a few social media accounts. Something I would dream of doing about a year ago.

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