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There are plenty of websites where you can read reviews. Whether they are all equally reliable, that is the question. Isn’t honesty the key when it comes to writing reviews? For me anyway. This can sometimes lead to a less positive review.

A less positive review is not an accusation against a company or organization. It is an incentive to do better. An honest opinion helps better than just praise. When everything goes so well, there is no longer any reason for an adjustment (s)?

A positive review can be a boost. It can be a confirmation that one is doing well. It can also be a reason for others to look at the product or service. To then conclude that my review does not match the experience. The reverse is also possible, of course, when it comes to a less positive review.

Because of all this, do you think my reviews don’t make any sense? Then I would like to refer you to another website where you can read reviews written by others. If you think the opposite, I thank you and cordially invite you to read the articles in this category.

The Beyond Burger

Face it, the vegan burgers can’t be ignored. Ever self-respecting organization and even supermarket offer these burgers. This week, the Beyond Burger was sold for the first time in The Netherlands. I tasted the Beyond Burger. Time for a review of this burger, that generated a lot of media attention so far.
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