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Parenting is child’s play. Or not! Parenting is a top sport. In any case, it cannot be done on autopilot. Parenting starts with birth. Or when the child or children is/are at home. Then as a parent, you are directing, giving direction and ultimately that should lead to everything going well.

Are you okay? Looking at my role as an educator, I do see the necessary points for attention. In retrospect, it is of course easy to say. Or is it so? Those thoughts that maybe you could have done better.

I go through fire for my children. I don’t defend them blindly, because I know they make mistakes too. If my children are wronged or hurt, my eyes are on fire. That is sometimes quite difficult because I am a person who can sometimes react emotionally. Injustice and pain, I just can’t handle that.

Meet the emotional Good Family Father. A committed father who wants the best for his children. But also for the world in which they live. Who wants to fight for it.

These are often very personal blogs. Blogs that I can read critically later and then react to them again. A constant stream of emotions that I share with the rest of the world.

You don’t have to agree with everything I write. That I write or want to write it is (was) my own choice. I, therefore, request that you use kindness and respect as a guide when you respond. Then I’ll do this the other way around, promise.

There are plenty of suggestions for raising my children. Well-intentioned advice too. I am always grateful for this. It doesn’t mean I’m taking them over. That is my consideration. Just as personal as the information I share with you.

The Excuse Queen

My daughter is a very sweet girl. She is also one of those girls who can be called an Excuse Queen. She is capable of creating the most “beautiful” excuses. Sometimes these excuses are so creative. She isn’t the only one. There are more children who make up “great” excuses. I will focus on my daughter and her way of telling things… or twisting the truth to her own advantage.
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When your child has PTSD

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) isn’t something that is only for those who have been fighting wars. It’s not something that is related to age or something like that. It can happen to anyone. It happened to my son. This is about that moment when you realise that your child isn’t “normal” and it’s caused by factors beyond your reach.
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