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History is never boring! Lessons can be learned from the past.

Today is now, but tomorrow this day will be history.

Now and then, I write about history. Sometimes I use the new facts of today as a reference to history. There are other articles I wrote, that are about those history facts that nobody really knows about.

Dag 74

February 27, 2021

In March 2020, I started a photo series as part of the first lockdown in The Netherlands. There are moments when I stopped this series, so I’m not close to 365 photos yet. Today is an important day for this series because one year ago the first confirmed COVID-19 case was a fact. So, in a way, this news is related to the photo series I make. It’s all about February 27, 2021.

And now, business as usual?

And now, business as usual?

The commemoration of the 75-year liberation of Auschwitz is over. We all heard and saw the stories of those who survived. And now, business as usual? After commemorating all of this, we should get back to things as they were? Like nothing ever happened?

Who is this year’s hero?

Heroes come in different shapes and forms. When my daughter first assigned me as her personal superhero, I was very flattered. Since the year 2018 is almost over, it’s time for those top lists of the year. This one is a different list. It isn’t a list, it’s a way to help you decide who is your hero this year.

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The way we camped

When I was four-years-old, I learned what it was like to camp. This was the first year that I was allowed to go on holiday with the rest of the family. These first years of camping holidays weren’t really a good example of camping holidays. It could have been possible that I myself would have developed an aversion when it comes to camping. But we are going on a camping holiday this year. Learn more about the way we camped in the Eighties.
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