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Blog Thoughts and blogs

IKEA knows what is important!

Over the last few days, there’s been a lot of discussion about changing diapers in public restrooms. Unfortunately, these aren’t widely available. When I visited

Blog Nurture

Are you that parent who is OK with bullying? Really?!

Let’s ask a question: if your child bullies other children, are you really OK with this? I am asking this question because in The Netherlands

Blog History

The way we camped

When I was four-years-old, I learned what it was like to camp. This was the first year that I was allowed to go on holiday

Blog Reviews

Ten myths about The Netherlands

That small country near the sea, that is mostly occupied by weed smoking people, who walk on wooden shoes. This is a blog about The

Blog Education

The end of the school year

In The Netherlands, it’s time to say goodbye to school for the Summer! Summer holiday is coming up. I look back on a year with

Blog Nurture

The Excuse Queen

My daughter is a very sweet girl. She is also one of those girls who can be called an Excuse Queen. She is capable of

Blog Thoughts and blogs

Sleep talking

I wrote a Dutch poem about the nightly conversation between My Scientist and Number 1. He asked if he could have some wood. I still

Blog Education

The summer break of the taxi service

The summer vacation brings a temporary end to the “taxi service.” Sometimes, it’s like I am a taxi driver for my two children. I look

Blog Politics

We men, we screwed up – sorry for that!

Not every historical event can be considered as good ambassadorship for men. Throughout the centuries, “we” men screwed up and the bad news: we got

Blog Thoughts and blogs

I am that exception and I shouldn’t be!

It has been a topic that I have written about many, many, many times. I am that exception and I shouldn’t be. On a new