Black Friday

Black Friday mania

Even when I don’t live in the United States and don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I am used to this thing called Black Friday. Even Cyber Monday is something I’ve got used to. One should ask the question if the offer is really a bargain or not.

Let’s skip the part of the history of Black Friday. I’ve covered that part in the Dutch version of this article. Not everyone in my country knows what Thanksgiving really is. It’s the day after Thanksgiving that’s important. And the Monday of course. The day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday. The Monday after Thanksgiving is Cyber Monday. It seems that the difference between these days has faded. In my country – The Netherlands – the Black Friday sales have already started. This is not just the case in The Netherlands. Even the big companies started their sales ads a few days ago.
It’s trending and it’s hot. Or is it? In my country, a consumer organization did some research. It turned out that some offers aren’t really bargains. They are based on prices that aren’t even real. This is deception and it’s not legal.
So, how can you tell if it’s really a bargain? Google helps on this point. You can check out the product by searching for it using Google. Instead of clicking on the link you normally do, you choose for the arrow. It allows you to visit a page that’s in Google’s cache. This is what the page looked like a few days ago.
Without mentioning names, I can conclude that some companies are using information that isn’t correct. So always ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I need this?
  2. Can I get it somewhere else with a bigger discount?
  3. Is it worth to wait for the product(s)?
    Don’t forget that some of these products aren’t really available on Black Friday
  4. Do I need to do something for this?
    Some shops hold a lottery. Only those who win can profit from the discount.

When it comes to a brick shop, you can always try to find out what’s underneath the paper price tag. I try this sometimes, with success. It is not only educational. It is also enlightening.
So, from me to you:
Happy Shopping!

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