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Do you want to collaborate?

How nice that you want to work with De Goede Huisvader! On this page you can read more about the possibilities of working together.

De mogelijkheden in het kort

What not


As a writer, I can help you write a review. The review will then appear on this website. You can then share it via your own social media channels. This review can also be shared by me.

An article consists of a minimum of five hundred (500) words. It is good to know that an article does not only consist of positive words. I’m honest. There is a chance that an article may not meet your expectations. That’s the risk when you ask for someone else’s opinion. A review is someone else’s opinion. Honesty is paramount here. For advertising messages, I would like to refer you to other websites or channels.

Story on social media

Do you want to spread a message quickly and use the power of social media? Then I can do this for you via the stories on Facebook and Instagram. I don’t do this via Twitter (there are no stories possible here).

I will not do this for free. Sorry for that. Besides: I will only share something I support.

If you prefer that I make something for your own stories, this is also an option. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Per story, you pay an amount of € 20 excluding VAT. If I make something for you, you pay an amount of € 35 per hour (excluding VAT).

What not

It’s always nice to have some clarity in advance. At least, that’s what I think! This might work for you as well. Especially when you are considering if you want to collaborate or work with me. That’s why I will briefly discuss what I don’t do when it comes to working together with De Goede Huisvader.

To avoid disappointment, I ask you to read the following carefully. That way you know what you can do with me and you know what I do or don’t want to tackle.

Let me start with link-building blogs written by marketers. I can be very short in that: I don’t post this one. I’m not going to discuss that.

It is also good to know that I don’t just want to give attention to every product or service.

For example, because of my conviction, I don’t do anything that contains ‘animals’. There are plenty of other bloggers who want to help you with that.

Nor do I promote services that have been labelled illegal or borderline accepted or not.


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