De Goede Huisvader

The main players

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De Wederhelft

The Better Half

A child of the infamous Eighties and since 2007 my better half. She listens to the Frisian name Hinke but has Amsterdam roots. Until 2018, she was the Boss in a laboratory at Hogeschool Leiden. She is no longer that now. First, she was an account manager. Now actually not. Now she is a product manager for Retsch.

De oudste

The Eldest

Bine, our victor - hence the name (just Google it). Also known as Number One. This has little to do with any distinction, but more to do with order of entry. Agora scholar (started in 2021), loves gaming and hates cleaning up. Would like to be a teacher when she grows up. Won an award for her stunning photo of a flask in the laboratory of the Hogeschool Leiden.

De Jongste

The Youngest

We gave her a Greek name in 2011, from the tragedy Pyramus and Thisbe. Anything but tragic. Was nicknamed Number 2 by me, also on a sequential basis. Also started after Waldorf school as an Agorian (the first year 2023). Is fond of drawing, drawing, drawing. Both analogue and digital. Fangil of Melanie Martinez.

De Labrador

The Labrador

Since July 2021, Guus has become part of our family. Likes to eat and eats a lot. Thereby making no distinction whether it is edible or not. Sticks are therefore his favourite. Stones too, but that's more for the mouthfeel