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2382XB Zoeterwoude
KVK: 5059616
BTW: NL002057857B55

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This websitemy Facebook page and my Instagramaccount would not be the same without the main charachters!

De hoofdrolspelers
Mijn accountmanager
My accountmanager

This Child of the Eighties is my betterhalf since 2007. She listens to the Frisian name Hinke, but she has her roots in Amsterdam. 

I used to describe her as My Scientist, because she was a manager of a laboratory. As of October 2018, she became an account manager.

Nummer 1
Number 1

Generally, Number 1 (chosen based on the order of “entry” (or exit)) listens to the name Dante. Named indeed after the Italian Dante Alighieri. He was born in December 2008. He has his own website, check it out (Click.

Nummer 2
Number 2

We gave her a Greek name. From the Tragedy of Pyramus and Thisbe. Thisbe is everything but tragic. Sometimes dramatic. Number 2 is a Waldorf child, with a soft spot for pink, fairy tales, ear muffs and bows.