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Website management

Hand over the managament of the website

If you are responsible for managing a website or webshop, this means that you sometimes have to spend much time on it. Maintaining it sometimes takes more time than you estimated beforehand. The complexity can surprise you.

Are you able to do this yourself or is this something you need to set aside time for? None of it has to be a problem as long as you have enough time and no major problems arise.

The only question is: Isn’t it a better idea to outsource this to an outside party? So that you can spend the time on other things. The Good Housekeeper helps you manage your website or webshop. This can consist of technical management or functional management. Combining both options is also possible.

In short: get management done!

About the services

The good news about these services: no distinction is made as to how small or large you are! The degree of importance does not matter. You are not a number or a relationship. The services are there for anyone who needs a suitable solution beyond hosting a website or webshop.

Exactly what the management will look like is up to you. If you prefer certainty, you can choose a fixed number of hours per month. If it doesn't matter, you can choose a flexible number of hours per month. Naturally, the prices are adjusted accordingly.


Until March 2023 it was possible to purchase a hosting package through The Good Father. You then received an invoice for hosting and management. This is no longer possible. The reason: you are free to choose your hosting solution. However, it is wise to coordinate this. Some providers seem interesting. But there are points of interest.

So you pay the annual invoice for hosting yourself. So The Good Householder's invoice would cover the technical management of your website or web shop, provided you purchase this service.

Decide what you do

That’s right! You decide what you do. You are in control. It is not that you would lose all control thanks to this service(s). Clear agreements are made about what you still do or don’t do yourself. At any moment appointments can be adapted or adjusted. Flexibility plays a big role!

If you are not satisfied with the service as completed or defined, there is always the possibility to make adjustments.

Need more?

Maybe after reading all this, you're thinking, "I want to grow bigger and need more than a small independent to support me. I want to hire someone!" That's fine. If so, The Good Householder is also a great partner to work with you to find that new employee. Together we will look at possible candidates, should you be unable to find one. If you haven't been able to find anyone yet, even then you can simply call on The Good Housefather in the meantime.

For who?

The big question, of course, is: for whom are these services appropriate? Or is it a better question to ask: Is this service right for you?

If you don't have the technical knowledge to manage a website, don't have enough time or if you just don't feel like it (the latter is also possible), then the service is certainly suitable. There may also be times when you would like the assurance that you do have a point of contact who you can contact by phone to resolve a problem, rather than contacting via an email form. The Good Householder can simply be reached by phone.

Last, but not least, you get to decide the method of contact. You'd rather not call, but you like to send text messages? No problem! Just do it! E-mail is also allowed. Digital conferencing via Zoom, Teams, Jitsi, or any other option is also possible.

Options to choose from

There are two types of management to choose from. The options can be combined.

Technical management

When you think of technical management, you might think of the physical management of servers. That may be a bit misleading. Technical management here is more about managing a server or hosting package which is different from managing a Web site when it comes to images, videos, or text.

Technical management involves, for example, creating e-mail addresses, making backups, and checking whether a website is secure enough. It also includes checking whether a website or webshop meets the requirements to ensure that it is available at all times. These are all things you have to take into account when you are the owner of a website or webshop.

The question is whether you have time for all this. Moreover, do you have the right knowledge? It doesn’t have to be a problem, as long as no problems arise. If they do, are you able to solve everything yourself?

Not to worry, right?

It is fine if you have purchased a hosting package through any provider. In most cases you are very satisfied with it. Maybe you have some complaints about the price of this hosting package... Of course, The Good Father can also advise you on that.

Apart from that, also think about what you get in return for what you pay. How much service do you get in return? In most cases, you find that you end up having to arrange or do a lot yourself. Something that causes you to run into limitations. So technical management is an extra "layer" of security. An insurance, you could call it.

Besides, you are assured that things will be taken care of for you, without having to spend time on it yourself.

That ensures that you don't have to worry. Only then can you say: no worries, right?

The possibilities​

The options are up to you. Whether it is full technical management, where you leave the management completely to De Goede Huisvader, or whether you choose partial management. A combination with functional management is also possible. However, it is wise to consider whether it makes more sense to outsource the technical management completely.

Let's see which option is best for you. We prefer to do this by scheduling an exploratory meeting. That way we can see exactly what the options are and what your needs are. You will then receive a no-obligation quote, after which you have thirty days to make a decision. Use the form below to schedule a meeting.

Functional management

Functional management is something you think about when it comes to the IT infrastructure of a company, organization or institution. It is the opposite of technical management. If you search for the term functional management via Google, for example, chances are you will come across a lot of information about the manageability of IT systems that has little to do with websites.

Functional management may be considered the “soft” side of IT. It’s not really about the technical stuff. The content matters. When it comes to websites or web shops, you think about texts, images and the way you set up a website or web shop. The provision of information and the way you want to offer the information plays an important role. Central to this is the end user or the visitor.

Put yourself in the role of that end user or that visitor. This is sometimes difficult and even difficult. De Goede Huisvader helps you with this. Thanks to years of experience in this field, it is possible to take on not only an advisory role. An executive role is also among the possibilities. This means that the information is offered in such a way that it will actually help to spread your message and reach your final goal.

The experience of De Goede Huisvader​

What will you benefit from when you decide to use this service? First of all, you benefit from years of experience as a website developer and website administrator. In addition, it is good to know that you are dealing with someone who has worked as a (senior) functional administrator in the past.

In the period 2009 - 2013, I worked as a senior functional administrator at a university hospital in the west of the country. Admittedly not as a website administrator. Incidentally, during that period I was self-employed, creating websites for my clients (in addition to the photography assignments I was taking on at the time).

The possibilities​

The options are up to you. Whether it is full functional management, where you leave the management completely to  De Goede Huisvader, or whether you choose partial management. A combination with technical management is also possible.

Let's see which option is most suitable for you. We prefer to do this by scheduling an exploratory meeting. That way we can see exactly what the possibilities are and what your needs are. You will then receive an offer without any obligation, after which you have thirty days to make a decision. Use the form below to make an appointment.


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