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No question is...

Just to be clear, no question is ‘weird’ or ‘strange’ when it comes to advice on your online activities. You want to get an answer to the question or questions you have. Sometimes, you simply don’t know how to ask the right question. This may have to do with using the right terms. In another case, it’s about the right explanation. It doesn’t matter. Put aside the thought that your question is ‘weird’ or ‘strange’.

Turn it around. How many people have the knowledge you have when it comes to the field you specialise in?

To be perfectly honest: De Goede Huisvaderdoesn’t know everything either. If the answers are not available for a while, you will be told. With the promise that it will be sorted out. Then you will still receive an answer to your question.


Let's start with who you are. Then we can move on to what exactly you do.


Tailor-made advice is possible only when it is known exactly what you do.


In the end, a tailor-made advice follows. Especially for you, based on everything you told us.

Who are you?

Advice comes in many shapes and sizes. Customised advice or generic solutions. The easiest solutions are those generic ones. These may not be the solutions you are looking for at all. Determining that is only possible when I know who you are. Is the standard solution the solution? I need to get to know you first. That starts with the simple question: Who are you?

So the idea is to tell more about yourself. A certain basis is created so that the next question can be asked: What do you do?
Het is dus de bedoeling dat je meer over jezelf vertelt. Er ontstaat een bepaalde basis, zodat de volgende vraag gesteld kan worden: Wat doe je?

What do you do and what kind of advice?

The question of what? is a tricky one. It is not only about what you do, but also what kind of advice is involved. Two questions, then. Actually, I asked the question earlier. Who you are and what you do. It doesn’t matter. The more explanation, the better.

When it comes to the kind of advice, of course you want to know what you can turn to De Goede Huisvader for. In short, what could you think about? You’ll read more about that in the next section.

The advice

What kind of advice should you think of, among other things?
Looking for something different? No problem: inquire about the possibilities.


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