It’s Pride Month every day

Visibility is not limited to one month!

What does this mean?

Without diminishing the value or history of Pride Month, every day at De Goede Huisvader is Pride Month. Only how exactly is that?

There are plenty of companies, organisations and institutions that try hard to show their commitment to the LGBTQIA+ community during Pride Month or equivalent moments. Perhaps they are, only you don’t hear much about them at other times. In some cases, sometimes you don’t hear about it at all, because it’s not that bad.

For a long time, this topic was written about through this website. Meanwhile, such articles are published through this website. This has to do with adjusting business activities. What has remained is the commitment as a company. So as De Goede Huisvader. So not just a limitation to just one month a year. Therefore, at other times, when needed. Every day.

Therefore, at De Goede Huisvader, every day is Pride Month. Again, without detracting from the value of that Pride Month.

Wat hield het in?

First, let’s see what it entailed….

Apart from the articles that now appear through a different location, it’s good to look back to the period when you could still turn to De Goede Huisvader for hosting solutions. Back then, you got an invoice for management and for hosting your website. Nowadays, it is only for management. There was a clear provision in the general terms and conditions, which is still there today. This is because customers are still using it, in connection with ongoing contracts. New contracts for hosting are no longer concluded.

The terms and conditions include a clear provision on what is and what is not allowed. This is where De Goede Huisvader goes further than other providers.

Content that conveys an anti-Semitic, discriminatory or racist message

Any message that conveys an anti-Semitic, discriminatory or racist message will not be accepted. Any appeal to freedom of expression will not supersede the rights laid down in the Dutch Constitution, which protects such expressions.

This category also includes sexism, anti-feminist statements and related issues. Discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community is also not tolerated by the service provider.

Memes or satire are not seen as such as entertainment in this context and therefore fall into the same category and are grounds for removal.

Consequence: This content is immediately removed by the client. In addition, the agreement is immediately terminated by the client. There will be no refund of the costs incurred by the client. If necessary, a report will be made to the police.

The current situation

Things change when a customer takes out their contract through a web hosting service provider.

Even when De Goede Huisvader manages a website or webshop, it is difficult to set requirements for the content. After all, De Goede Huisvader is no longer a service provider.

From that moment on, it therefore leads to what will happen or can happen when it comes to the content of a website and what the possible consequences are for cooperation. In short, there is a match when it comes to cooperation.

Instead of ‘hard’ commercial interests or considerations, social interests play a greater role. Is it possible to provide services or products based on what the company, organization or institution stands for? This does not only apply to this topic. Other important topics, such as discrimination in general, emancipation in general, and the environment are also important measuring factors for whether or not to enter into a business relationship.

That’s not all. It is not always about commercial interests. It’s not always about money. As a small entrepreneur, De Goede Huisvader knows how difficult it is to get things done. In other cases not, because De Goede Huisvader (as a person) does not belong to the LGBTQIA+ community.

What else?

No, I (let’s get personal now) don’t know what it’s like. What I do know: I have two children who belong to the community. I show interest, I listen to stories from the community. I notice that it is sometimes difficult to convey a message without it being disturbed by influences that you do not want.

It is not that I can solve or remove those ‘influences’. I can think of you. Besides, I can help. I want to help. From a commitment that goes beyond just that one month of the year. So, therefore it’s  Pride Month every day.

What are the options? What kind of things are we talking about then? To name just a few examples: advice, securing your website/webshop, the complete construction of your website or webshop or advice on this. Or the questions you have yourself. Bring it on.

Well, let’s just talk to each other. So that we can see what the possibilities are. Who knows where that could lead?


A message of emancipation must be visible

A message of emancipation must be visible

You can read exactly what this means via this page.

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