A message of emancipation must be visible

De Goede Huisvader helps you with that!

The idea

The idea is simple. You can’t have one without the other. Does that mean you always need someone else to achieve something? No! You can achieve a lot yourself. Sometimes it helps enormously when you swim against the current. At other times, it helps when you are nurtured by the right circumstances to persevere so that you can grow.

Surely the idea is still simple. At least when it comes to the philosophy of De Goede Huisvader: A message of emancipation must be visible.

Not only that. That message also needs support. Also from outside the group, it concerns. You can read more about that on this page.

About emancipation

When you think of emancipation, you quickly tend to think of women’s emancipation. There is nothing wrong with that. Yet there are more forms of emancipation.

About emancipation, De Goede Huisvader doesn’t need to tell you anything. The fact that you are reading this information says enough. You are reading this information for a reason. You want to know this self-employed person’s point of view. In addition, you (perhaps) want to know what De Goede Huisvader can do.

Emancipation therefore does not only entail women’s emancipation. Emancipation from a full place in society, towards full acceptance. That is what it is all about. That’s what De Goede Huisvader believes in. That’s what De Goede Huisvader wants to help you achieve.

Getting that message across is not always easy. Moreover, how do you ensure that that message is not disrupted by individuals or groups who thwart you in the process? When it comes to such matters, De Goede Huisvader believes it’s a good idea to take some steps togethet with you. So, there is no problem to share your thoughts. Safety and good, reliable solutions are paramount.

Perhaps, this all goes too fast for you. You might not be ready for all of this yet. For you, it all comes down to creating a new website or webshop. That’s no problem. De Goede Huisvader can also help you with that. 

In any case, it is not something you should shy away from. Your message of emancipation needs to be heard. Provided it is not hateful, hurtful or insulting.

There are limits...

Indeed, there are limits. Some believe that certain views or positions are a form of emancipation. In other cases, they are assumed to be protective. Think of the most radical forms of feminism, for example.

At this point, De Goede Huisvader sets limits. The truth teaches that this is not innovation. The truth teaches that these ideas are based on hate. This is where De Goede Huisvader draws a line. A tight, clear line.

If you disagree, don’t get angry. After all, this is also that freedom of speech that so many screens with. De Goede Huisvader assumes that it works both ways. In this case, De Goede Huisvader chooses to side with the emancipation of the right parties.

This includes the emancipation of what are described in an inferior way as ‘minorities.’ These are not ‘minorities.’ Minority suggests that there may be a group that could be inferior. There is no such thing.

What's your idea?

What is your idea? What are your thoughts? Your dreams or ideals? Let it be known!

Don’t worry, your idea will be safe. It’s not like your idea will be sold or stolen. Make no mistake about that.

You can always talk or seek advice. That’s not a problem! So, what are you waiting for?


It's Pride Month every day!


It's Pride Month every day!

Indeed, you read that right: it is Pride Month every day at De Goede Huisvader. So not just only once every year. No, every day. This does not detract from Pride Month or its history.

Read more about this.

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