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De Goede Huisvader is a legal concept. It starts from a principle of care. It proceeds from the idea of responsibly ensuring no harm is caused by care or particular conduct. Its history goes back to Roman times (Bonus pater familias).

De Goede Huisvader is an initiative of Harm Jagerman and was once started as a platform for spreading a certain message. From 2021, business activities took place under this name. These have to do with web services.

De Goede Huisvader?

De Dutch phrase “De Goede Huisvader” refers to a legal concept, dating back to Classical Antiquity (Roman law). The original, Latin name, was bonus pater familias. It is a reference to taking care of something or someone. Someone who makes or behaves reasonably or responsibly to do everything possible to prevent or limit certain foreseeable harm.

That was not the idea of the website. It was originally an amusing explanation of my life as a stay-at-home dad. A father who reversed gender roles where this was sometimes not common. With a different approach. Not just when it came to housework. I combined this household and caring for the two children (2008, 2011) with work as a self-employed person. Later, De Goede Huisvader as a business name would stand for taking good care of clients’ continued online activities. That is still the idea. Ensuring that online activities can take place in a good and, above all, safe way. Therefore, the name De Goede Huisvader. If you translate this into English (literally), it would be the good family father or better: the good stay-at-home dad.


It started in 2014 with the launch of the website. That website aimed to highlight different gender roles, emancipation and background articles. Written by me, Harm Jagerman. In 2013, I decided to stop working as a senior functional manager and continue as a self-employed person from now on. I had already been registered with the Chamber of Commerce since 2012. I combined this with my salaried work.

The website grew and I was asked for interviews. To tell what life was like as a stay-at-home dad, who combined his work as a ZZP’er with caring for two children (2008, 2011). I did return to paid employment twice (2015 and 2016), but I eventually decided to continue on the same footing. In 2018, I was asked to set up and manage a webshop for a deli. I did this until the end of 2019.

In 2020, I decided to focus on something I had previously offered as a service: website development. For some time, I combined this with web hosting services. Later, I adapted this service package. If you want to read more about the service package, click here.



The range of services includes:

  • Advice

    Advice on IT, online services, website management and, of course, WordPress.

  • Development

    Developing websites and web shops based on WordPress.

  • Website management

    The functional, technical or combined management of websites or web shops.


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