A letter for the world leaders

A letter for the world leaders

The organization ONE has written a letter that is addressed to the world leaders. The letter is signed by 140 celebrities. It’s time to do something about poverty and especially the poverty caused by the way women are treated.

About ONE

ONE is a non-profit organization, it was co-founded by Bono (U2). Its goal is to end poverty, find a solution for diseases and end equality and injustice. There is a lot to win when it comes to these issues. We live in a world, where in some countries the rights of women and girls aren’t the same as for men and boys. They cannot benefit from equal chances.

Gender pay gap

The gender pay gap is something that has dominated the news over the last few years. It isn’t restricted to “poor” countries in the word. The “rich” countries don’t provide laws that should prevent these differences. In the country where I live, The Netherlands, there is no law that prevents the underpayment of women. Employers often state that they pay women less because they work less. However, if a woman works 32 hours and her male colleague also works 32 hours, in some cases, the woman is still given less when it comes to salary.

Remain the same

As long as there are no new laws to prohibit this, it will remain the same. In a country such as The Netherlands, it should be no problem introducing laws such as these. Unfortunately, this has not happened until now.


The letter that was written by ONE is signed by Ophrah Winfrey, Meryl Streep and Natalie Portman – to name just one of the few celebrities who signed. You can help too! The letter is also signed by 135,000 other people. I also signed this letter via this link.

In many countries around the world, it all starts with education. With education, a girl can develop herself and can get a job if this is allowed. ONE punt together a list of ten toughest places for girls to get an education. Read more about this on this blog of ONE.

10 women

It can be possible if they are “allowed” to change the world they live in. These ten women are the example that it’s possible. Read more about women such as Maria Mutola, Rosa Parks, Beyoncé Knowles and Malala Yousafzai in this blog of ONE entitled “10 women who changed the world in unforgettable ways.”

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